Sunday, November 2, 2008

I totally warned you, didn't I?

The Americans miss out again! Like the current "In Style" magazine, Nicole Kidman is only featured on the Australian edition of "Harpers Bazaar". Why is that? Isn't America the biggest market to try to sell this upcoming epic movie to?

In this magazine, Nicole is once again describing her passion for wanting to make this film since she was 2 years old. We also get the baby stuff again (OK Nicole, we all know how badly you wanted Sundae, but do you have to remind us every second?), and the deeper love she has found with Keith. The article also talks about the on-screen chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Nicole and how pleased Baz is about this. Sorry Baz, but I just can't imagine Granny Freeze being Hugh's type. On the other hand, Hugh's older wife in real life looks rather granny-ish.

Rush to your newsagency now to secure your copy of the latest Harpers Bazaar magazine. Please note the mistake on the cover. It should read "Witches of Oz". On a positive note, I do like that dress and wig.


Anonymous said...

I notice the 'Harpers Bazaar' wording is covered by her head. Is that intentional by the magazine or are they a little bit embarrassed to have their name on it?

Anonymous said...

I used to be a big Nicole fan. But over the last two years I've noticed things about her that don't ring true. This blog, and that other blog "Forehead" have pointed out some interesting things!

hoosierlady said...

I have subscribed to the US Harper's Bazaar since I was in my teens, (yes, since the day of the dinosaurs), and this month's is Red, White and Drew! Drew's head covers some of the Z and a little of the A.

Inside this magazine there is an advertisement for classic Chanel No. 5 with a picture of what I assume to be Nicole, air brushed in a wash of pink. She's beautiful. Why has she done this to her face?

Anonymous said...

:-) :-)

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