Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nicole's birthday present from Keith

Nicole stepped out of her New York apartment yesterday to show off the new light blue cardigan she received for her recent 42nd birthday. The Style Icon was keen to give New Yorkers some tips on how to get the dowdy look this summer. I don't know about you, but Nicole looks particularly Grannyish in this outfit. Agree? Perhaps that's the look this summer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy 42nd Birthday, Gran!

Then and Now ... with Daddy Kidman

Nicole turned 42 the other day. Yes, I know what you are thinking! You thought she looked more like 50 (with those wrinkly red hands). Anyway, in usual style, Nicole decided to reflect on the special day by thinking about her break-up with Tom Cruise (yep, again!) This time around though, Nicole thanked her father for the support he gave during that difficult marriage meltdown:

"When my marriage fell apart, I needed to reach out to my dad. He was wonderful," she said. He stood by me, comforted me; showed me, at a time when I really needed to see it, the way a man can be strong, dignified and loving. I'm very grateful that I had such a good father, to see me through that time, because it put me in good stead for trusting again the next time I fell in love.It wasn't until I was older that I really realised how special my father is, too."

Thank you, Nicole. Where would we be without your regular soul bearing sessions? Many happy returns for your birthday. Save us some cake!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Red Rabbit Nicole

Nicole has finally listened to this Blog and realised the blonde hair extensions made her look old and pale. So, Nicole started returning to the red hair extensions slowly but surely. Now the extensions are even redder, just in time for her new movie The Rabbit Hole (see photos above).

The Rabbit Hole is currently filming in New York. Nicole plays a rabbit who comes home one afternoon to find that her hole has been filled up with dirt by a horrible hunter.  Unable to get the dirt out and save her belongings, Nicole hops to New York in search of a better hole to live in. On the way, she visits a pet store and changes her fur to bright red. The film is tipped to give the new Disney film Bugs Bunny Does New York a run for its money.  Where is Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) from Fatal Attraction when you need her most?