Friday, October 31, 2008

More D & M's from Nicole

Every other day, you'll come across another interview where Nicole is opening up about her private life. It makes you realise how incredibly intelligent she is, and how fortunate we are that she shares so much with us. Thank you Nicole, it just goes to show that leaving school early makes no difference. You know, I don't think I've heard of any other actor who is in the papers regularly telling us all their deep and meaningful thoughts. What a cool chick she truly is.

In this latest US interview, Nicole said Sunday has made her "raw and emotional" and she cries when thinking of her three-month-old daughter with husband Keith.
"It's very bittersweet," Kidman said. "Because, at 41, I think, 'I want to see her 21st birthday, and I want to see her get married. My relationship with death used to be far more ambivalent, I think, and now it's very much about staying in the world. That's why in the past I could jump out of planes and take a lot of risks."

Kidman says she becomes emotional when she looks at or thinks about Sunday because this is the baby she thought she might never have. "They are tears of joy, because I suppose I never thought I would get to have it, ," Kidman said. "To have been given it so late in life - I'm so ready for it. And I think giving birth to a child, as a woman, is what we're born to do. I don't mean that to sound sexist, because many women don't get to do it, and I thought I was one of them. But at the same time, if you are given that gift, it's an extraordinary thing."

Kidman and her husband refused to follow the Hollywood trend and sell or release photos of Sunday. It appears the world will have to wait to get a glimpse. "People say, 'Oh, it would be so much easier if you'd just let them get a photo of her.'. And I can't. I'm like, 'I don't want to. I want her to stay out of that'," Kidman said.

The actress also talked about Urban's "terrifying" battle with alcohol and told how their marriage faced a tumultuous test just three months after their 2006 fairytale wedding in Sydney. Urban ended up checking into California's Betty Ford clinic for 90 days.
"You go to hell and back with this - when the addiction takes control of the life, it's terrifying," Kidman said. "But there is hope, and we work on it every day, and we are in a place of actual peace right now, which is a beautiful place."

I can imagine for Nic, maintaining that 'beautiful place' involves not keeping any bottles of Johnny Walker scotch in the house. Not even on a Saturday night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, many people will be putting wigs on. Other people might be removing their wigs. That's because the real thing can often be more scary! Happy trick or treating to you all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Keith

Keith turns 41! Daddy Urban will be having quiet celebrations based on the many sleepless nights that come with being a new parent. If the birthday cake and tired wife above are anything to go by, then it will be a quiet day indeed. Oh well, what can you expect when you get into your 40's anyway? Happy birthday Keith, you honey!

What's the verdict?

The most recent Poll has closed. An incredible 54% of voters thought that the upcoming movie "Australia" would NOT save Nicole's career. Less than half of this (26%) thought it would help restore her career, while 19% were undecided. Ah, we will see for sure come 26 November when the film premieres in America and Australia, and other countries soon thereafter. This 3 hour epic might have viewers on the edge of their seats, or it might be an opportunity to catch up on some sleep when the lights dim. Alternatively you could wait for the DVD, or not watch it at all. Whatever, we at Nicole Kidman's Journey wish Nic all the best, whether she has to bow out tearfully, or prepare for that next Academy Award. Thanks again for your votes. Stayed tuned for a new Poll starting soon.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hurry! You might just save Nicole's career

With only hours left to vote, there is still a chance there are enough fans out there who think that sitting through three hours of a film (and enjoy it too) is enough to save Nicole's career. Ah, those glasses are very enticing, I know. So, are you one of the people who think this film will save her career after a string of flops? Or do you think it is too late? Perhaps you are undecided? Let us know your thoughts by voting on the Poll at the right hand corner of this Blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another magazine cover! You were warned!

Didn't I say to stay away from your local newsagency around October and November if you weren't a Nicole fan? Well, she is now on the Australian version of "In Style", and is going for that Marilyn Monroe look again (Oh dear). The USA edition obviously decided that Nicole and that epic film weren't enough to sell copies, so they opted for someone else instead on their cover. Some may say that the airbrushers have gone to work on these Nicole photos - but try to remember she is "completely natural" before you pass any judgement, OK?

I haven't read all the article yet, but it seems to be the same themes coming through like in all the latest rehashed interviews - Keith, baby, fertility waters, home in Tennesee, owning goats, and 'that' movie. See, I just saved you $8.00.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flashback: ARIA Awards 2007

With the 2008 ARIA Awards just around the corner, let's flashback to the 2007 event where the special guests were Mr and Mrs Urban, among other stars such as the annoying Delta Goodrem (who talks at a million miles an hour). Anyways, when Nicole and Keith rocked up, Nicole was wearing the prettiest, tiniest black dress you have ever seen. Once again, a frock designed to show off her skinny figure and long legs. All looked quite good from the front ... but the problem was, it was a very sunny, warm day. The photographers had a field day because the sun shone straight through Nic's dress revealing that she had very little on underneath. The dress was see through material, you could say. Fortunately, someone threw Nicole a black coat to pop on, and all was good. Wonder if she will turn up to this year's event. Word is, she was quite bored that night. Except of course, when Keith was on stage performing with the John Butler Trio.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The biggest, reddest hands in the business

Have you noticed Nicole's large, often very red hands? I wonder if the red has anything to do with her tired, underfed body. Yesterday in London, Nicole was photographed running one of her hands though her hair. She was either frustrated by media presence, or the evening meal didn't agree with her. Her hand looked very red, boney, sore and bruised. Either she is working too hard on the set of "Nine" or she needs moisturiser ... or gloves?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Poll: Will 'Australia' save Nicole's career?

While marketing heats up for Baz Luhrman’s epic “Australia” ahead of its world premiere on 24 November, it seems fitting to ask the question “Will Australia save Nicole’s career?”. Following a run of flops for Nicole, it would be nice to think that she won't spoil Baz's success record to date. To be fair, some of Hugh Jackman’s recent films have been less than stellar too (e.g. Deception) but Nicole is supposed to be the lead in this film. Now is your chance to vote on whether you think this film will save Nicole’s career. Could this film be her ticket to another Oscar? Based on her spectacles in the above left photo, it is highly likely LOL! Vote at the top right hand corner of this Blog now.

It's a tie! Tom Cruise and a ...

Thanks for all the votes in the recent Poll asking who was best suited to Nicole. That Poll has now closed and it's a tie! Alot of you thought Tom and a Wigmaker were best suited to Nicole. I can understand the Wigmaker, but I wasn't expecting Tom to get such good results. By the way, Keith Urban came in second with 23% of the votes, followed by (surprisingly), Steve Bing. Any thoughts on why Tom did so well in this Poll? Is it because he is a Maniac? Stay tuned for a new Poll starting soon on Nicole Kidman's Journey.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Only a few hours left to vote for Nic's best guy

Who will it be? Who is the man best suited to Nicole? Is it Tom B, Tom C, Keith, Lenny or ?.
You have one day left to vote, before another Poll begins. Let's see if Nicole has good taste after all. Vote at the top right corner of this Blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sharon Osbourne gets the claws out!

Not long after Britt Ekland criticised Nicole's use of Botox (see earlier blog entry:, Sharon Osbourne has jumped on the bandwagon attacking stars who won't admit to having plastic surgery. On the TV chat show Chelsea, Sharon commented that there are stars who claim they've had no work done, but their eyebrows tell another story. Sharon referred to Nicole as "having a forehead 'like a ****ing flatscreen TV".

Sharon has admitted to her own plastic surgery (as shown in the above left photo). We all believe Nicole when she says she hasn't because she's no liar. As Nicole told Marie Claire magazine last year: "To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. 'I wear sunscreen, and I don't smoke. I take care of myself. And I'm very proud to say that".

Deny, deny, deny. This botox and plastic surgery thing just won't go away! Who could forget the Nicole comparison to a bat (by a Sydney dermatologist). I hope the bat has not sued over that comment.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lauren Bacall will put you in your place

Hollywood movie star Lauren Bacall is famous for speaking her mind. She says the things that everyone thinks. This week she described Tom Cruise as a "Maniac" for dumping her pal, Nicole Kidman. She added "When you talk about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise. His behaviour is shocking, inappropriate and vulgar." That makes sense, why did I not realise this about Tom?

Lauren and Kidman became friends on the 2003 film "Dogville" but there was some tension for a while after an interviewer of the two labelled Kidman "A legend". Lauren quickly stepped in and stated that she was not a legend because that was only reserved for the great film stars, and ones that had passed away (e.g. Humphrey Bogart). I think Lauren was also trying to say that Kidman will never be a legend. It just aint gonna happen until we possibly get some more hits on the movie scoreboard.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skeletor shines at 'Elle' event

The Elle 15th annual Women in Hollywood event is over for another year - phew! Nicole didn't miss the chance to strut her stuff in a rather short green dress designed to show off her extra long legs. If you look closer you will be pleased to see some real hair and some grey roots coming through the top. The long bits at the back are of course extensions.

The annual event is aimed at celebrating the careers and contributions of a select bunch of deserving female movie stars. Someone asked me "What was Nicole doing there then?" It was not to hand out the finger food as I first thought, but surely to pick up her rotten tomato award for 'Birth'.

I won't say anything about Isla Fisher's suck up job at the evening either. Did you hear what she said?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More 'deep and meaningfuls'

Most of the world media today were covering excerpts from the upcoming 'Elle' magazine where Nicole describes her relationship with Tom Cruise and how he helped turn her into a woman. It's always easy to misinterpret these articles but one has to wonder why she continues to make reference to Tom, even though she does say that her new relationship is much deeper. Is her frequent reference to Tom because she deep down misses him? Or perhaps misses all the gloss and attention that came with that marriage? If I was Keith, I would be wishing she would not mention his name again to the media. Some excerpts from the article:

"I didn't foresee it, that you can meet somebody who you have a deep and more profound love with. I don't mean to take away anything with Tom, but I would hope that he has the same thing - I know he has the same thing with Katie. You move into a stage where you're able to be a more fuller person in your relationship".

"I want to be really careful with that because I don't want to take away from 11 years with that man that were really important. Really, for our kids -they were amidst a lot of love. It wasn't bad. And now we're amidst a more evolved love."

But she has no regrets. On whether she felt she got married too young to Tom Cruise:

"Would I want my kids to get married at that age? No! But that was an extraordinary thing for me. [Tom] taught me an enormous amount - as a girl into a woman. Absolutely, I would do it again."

Monday, October 6, 2008

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!

Nicole Kidman claims that she can get very angry. On top of that she says she is highly strung. I just can't believe this admission, it doesn't sound like the Diva at all. Just kidding! Apparently, it is well known in the industry what a bad tempered crow she can be. The other day, Nicole apparently said:

"I would have to describe myself as emotional and highly strung ... If something upsets me, it really upsets me. If something makes me angry I get really angry"

Please do not upset her, you have been warned!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Magazine Madonna

If you don't like Nicole Kidman, then it is advisable to stay away from the Newsagency for the next month or so because she may be on few magazine covers to promote that film. The November issue of 'Elle' has your typical airbrushed shot of Nic dressed as the green eyed monster. This started me thinking about some other silly covers she has done like the 'Vanity Fair' cover baring her then newly purchased bra (see middle bottom photo). But what really took the cake was Nicole attempting to look like Marilyn Monroe on 'Harpers Bizarre' magazine. As if! What an insult to poor Marilyn. And then there is the 'Marie Claire' cover where she'd just had some botox before the photographer arrived (see bottom right). Aside from all these covers which gave us a good laugh, it is worth pointing out that once upon a time, she did look normal on magazine covers. Just look at the bottom left corner to see her on the cover of 'Vogue' back in the mid 1990s. In those times, Nicole could actually sell a magazine. These days I'm not so sure based on the stack of current Woman's Weekly's I saw today.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Skeletor, skinny, anorexic ... why do they say that?

People always say that poor Nicole is too skinny or anorexic. Is that because she looks like a stick? Oh I see, that makes sense, why have I just realised that? You know, anorexic people are not good role models for the younger generation because the young ones tend to look up to these stars and want to look like them. Nicole has stated that it is not her fault that she is a stick insect, and says she has been like that all her life. Unlike most people who hit their mid 30s and struggle to keep off the middle aged spread, Nicole can sit around at Starbucks all day, scoffing their muffins and coffee and not put on any weight. I doubt that though. That's why she worked out tirelessly every day while she was pregnant because she didn't want to put on an ounce (baby excluded). I just wish someone would tell her that she could do with a few kilos just so she can look like she did in the above photo (ah, remember when she put on one kilo?).

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keep your wig on!

Poor Joan Collins was caught out last night in the wind in London. Her wig flew backwards revealing its true self to the world (see top left photo). As we all know, Nicole wears wigs in all her movies since I can remember. And when out in public is known for wearing hair extensions or wigs to hide her thinning hair. Luckily Nicole is aware of what can happen when the wind picks up because she uses extra strong glue or wears a cap to hide her natural mane. The photo of Joan may make her want to be extra careful though from now on, just in case this happens to her on the red carpet. In case you're wondering, in all of the photos above, Nic is indeed wearing wigs. Just enlarge the photo montage if you want to see closer.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Poll starts today: who is best suited to Nic?

Nicole's dated some hotties, and some guys not so hot. With everything we know about Nicole, which one do you think suits her best - out of the above men? Steve Bing was really just a friend, but he makes up a nice even number. Do you think Tiny Tom Cruise was her perfect match? Or perhaps, grungy, but sexy Lenny Kravitz? Maybe you prefer the Snowy River guy who was much older when she dated him as a teen i.e. Tom Burlinson. Perhaps you might think the tall, dark and handsome actor Marcus Graham was best suited to her. Or are you one of the adoring fans who thinks short, but reasonably hot Keith is just right. Here's your chance to cast your vote on the new Poll at the top right corner of this Blog. Let's see if Nicole really has taste.

"Birth" wins the most rotten tomato award

The first Poll on this Blog, asking you to vote for Nicole's most rotten movie, has closed. It seems most visitors to the Blog did not like "Birth" at all. This very weird film got the most votes, followed by "Bewitched" in second place and "The Invasion" in third place. Surprisingly, movies like "The Stepford Wives" and "The Golden Compass" didn't bother you as much as these Top 3. Thanks for voting! Your feedback will be passed on to Nicole's Agent in an attempt to help her choose better roles. Stayed tuned, a new poll is about to begin!