Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Gidday ... I'm back in black on home soil"

Guess who just flew back into town, but not on a broomstick this time. Nicole and Keith touched down not long ago in the Land of Oz ahead of tonight's world premiere of "Australia" in Sydney. Nicole arrived with the usual attire of black tracksuit and cap. Keith followed slowly in the background, careful not to steal any attention. The only things missing were the red carpet from the plane to the taxi, and little Sundae who decided to stay behind in Nashville with Nanny. I can't blame Sundae for choosing to stay behind, as this trip is just for 24 hours. I'd rather stay back in Nashville too than put up with the annoying Aussies trying to get my photo! Don't they know that only OPRAH is entitled to that.

Some reviews of the film have already been released - and it's a mixed bag so far. A film that runs for 165 minutes is never going to be everyone's cup of tea. However, I have got it straight from the horse's butt that the film covers romance, drama, action and botox. What more could you want? Check this Blog later for post wrap-up of the Sydney Premiere!

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bas said...

I would never ever ever ever leave a baby that young for even a couple of hours.... let alone fly across the world for a day. What a disgrace!!!