Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No more botox for Kidman?

The first forehead wrinkles seen on Kidman in a VERY LONG TIME

Have a look at the forehead wrinkles in this recent photo of Nicole Kidman Cruise Urban. Perhaps she is starting to lay off the Botox a little. Just last month new reports on Botox claimed the rat poison could actually create more wrinkles down the track. Let's hope for Nicole's sake that she is starting to listen to the critics and her new Agent. Give the toxic stuff up Nicole, if anything for the sake of your career. People want to see emotion in your face, not your wax museum frozen face.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My new boobs are on display again!

If you were ever one of those rare people who thought Nicole Kidman was shy or conservative, THINK AGAIN! Without a push-up bra to use as an excuse, Nicole is proving here that she has definitely had surgical enhancements. In the past, she has claimed that her bigger bust is due to post-baby boost. We believe her, don't we! She's completely natural, after all.

Kidman, who is not known for her curves (wasn't she flat as anything at 22?), was in Hong Kong this week for a fundraising banquet for the United Nations Development Fund for Women. You would think she could dress more appropriately for such an important occasion. Well, she began the night with a top over the dress, but once all the photographers came out, off came the top and presto! Anyone know what that bulge is under her right underarm? It looks weird! Click on image to enlarge.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nicole named MOST STYLISH! Are they serious?

InStyle Magazine awarded Nicole Kidman the 'most stylish woman' the other night. From what angle, we wonder? Her mum and sister were there to pick up the award on her behalf. A video was shown of Nicole, with hair extensions intact, saying thank you from Hawaii.

Let's take a trip down memory lane to see why she may have won: (click on image to enlarge)

OK, that makes sense now. She definitely deserved it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jennifer's Advice to Nicole

"This is my new best friend, Granny Freeze!"

Jennifer Aniston has found a new friend in Nikkers and thinks the red-head should focus more on comedies. Jennifer feels that Nicole has real talent in this area, after enjoying filming the new movie Just Go With It with her. Nicole has a small cameo in this film, in an attempt to slowly re-introduce her to the movie-going public.

Jennifer may be onto something. Nicole won alot of praise for the dark comedy To Die For. She has done little to no comedies since. Unless you call Fur a comedy. Her acting was hilariously bad in it. Does it count then? I think so.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Will the Hawaiian cameo do the trick?

Do you like my disguises?

Nicole has been in Hawaii filming a cameo for the Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler film Just Go With It. So small is Nicole's part that she had plenty of time to hang out at the beach with daughter Sunday Rose and jog in her favourite black tracksuit. Jogging when you are that thin surely isn't good for the heart.

This cameo appearance may all be part of her new agent's "Reinvention of Nicole" strategy. You know, to slowly re-introduce her to the public after a string of flops. If this film fails, Nicole can say that she was only in it for 10 seconds, so cannot be held to blame.