Friday, November 14, 2008

Let's promote 'Australia' any chance we get

Country Music Awards (CMA) this week: I always say that if a film is any good it will sell itself. It won't need the strong marketing that an epic like "Australia" is now receiving. Here in Australia they have put "Australia" movie stickers on the front of new DVDs in retail shops so that people will remember to go see it. I believe in 'word of mouth' selling a movie, rather than the 'down your throat' technique that this film is going for. Agree?

Nicole and Hugh are working extra hard to sell this movie. Hot on the heels of their visit to the OPRAH show, these two appeared on Wednesday night at the 42nd CMA's in Nashville to present an award for the "weirdest celebrity couple on the country music scene" This was indeed a PR opportunity to promote the new movie. In all seriousness, what does Hugh have to do with country music? Nicole's only association is that she is married to a short country singer who didn't get any awards except for the one mentioned above. Well done.

I ask, will seeing Hugh and Nicole (with hair extensions) on the CMA Awards make Americans want to see the film even more? Or are you just going to wait for the DVD?


hoosierlady said...

If the country music fan is a fan of the historical romance, a fan of Hugh Jackman, a fan of Nicole Kidman, has an extra chunk of change, and isn't too bloated by turkey they might go to the movie. However, I ask you to go back to the top and re-read the list of prerequisites and determine for yourselves how many country music fans are going to rush out for this.

That's just my white trash theory, however.

Pass the cool whip

cricket said...

I don't know a single person who is going to see this mess. And her looking like a moron on the CMA's didn't change anyone's mind. I doubt showing a picture of her pr kid is going to sell any tickets either.