Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New York, get your tissues ready!

Less than a week ago, Nicole and entourage battled rain in Sydney for the world premiere of Australia. Next it was New York's turn to see the 'chick flick' epic from Down Under. Last night (Monday) in the Big Apple, Nicole braved the Autumn chill in a short sleeve dress to show the city the film she's wanted to make since she was 2 years old.

Apparently, the crowd were not so wild to see Nicole, choosing to 'boo' her instead. She was running late from her Botox session and had no time to stop to chat to people, or sign autographs. You'd think people would be grateful for that, but obviously some people get a kick out of a piece of paper with scribble on it.

I have to hand it to Nicole. Sitting through 165 minutes of this film three times in less than one week is no easy feat! I don't know how she does it. Just as well she declined to attend the Melbourne premiere - afterall, there is only so many repeated viewings of this film that anyone can take.

As you can see from the photos, Keith turned up in his suit which is now a regular thing for him in his role as Mr Kidman. As I have stated before, Keith doesn't suit suits, but what can you do? My 'Style icon tip booklet' was returned to sender. Hugh, on the other hand, looks dashing in a suit.


Anonymous said...

Have to agree with you. Keith looks bad in suits. You'd think Nicole would dress him better.

Anonymous said...

Nicole looks very much the Grandma with her wig in a bun like that. I reckon she looks about 60 in that shot. But I do prefer her wig up, than down.

stillhopefull said...

Nicole and her handlers are dressing Keith. That is why he looks so fruity. He did have style before he hooked up with her. It may not have suited everyones taste, but it certainly suited him extermely better than anything she has come up with for him!

Anonymous said...

You failed to report that the crowd booed Nicole Kidman outside the theatre - google it.

Choice said...

Hey Anon.
I was indeed aware that the crowd had 'booed' her (the news have had a field day with that!). But I thought it was quite normal for this to happen everytime she arrives anywhere. However, for completeness I have now added it. Thanks for your comment.

maclen said...

Booed by the crowd? Hilarious...another PR debacle in a growing list? It seems that as the movies attempt to bring back that old fashioned feel is certainly failing...kidman's "old fashion dress and look" is also not succeeding, but just makes her look older.