Sunday, November 23, 2008

NEW POLL: Where Would Nicole Be Today if ...

Nicole recently admitted that she became 'A star only by association to Tom Cruise'. Despite a couple of early mediocre Aussie films and mini-series, Nicole received fame when she met and married Tom Cruise and joined the Hollywood A-list.

Ever wondered where Nicole might be today if the whole Hollywood thing never happened? What career she might be in today? Vote now on the new Poll at the right side of this Blog.
8 December 2008: Poll has closed. Results are as follows:
21% - A shop sssistant
19% - Still trying to be a Sydney model
8% - Walking around Sydney all day trying to keeping fit
24% - Lying around the house dreaming of Hollywood
22% - Working in a Botox clinic in Sydney
3% - Back at school

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