Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Date Night

Guess who was spotted looking dowdy on a 'date night' with Keith Urban, last night in LA?. Don't worry, it was just his wife Nicole, who stepped out in real summer style to see the new Angelina movie SALT. One thing you can say, Nicole has not opted for her usual figure hugging dress which often makes her look like Skeletor's horse. This dull, shapeless dress makes her look fatter than she normally is. I like it! Don't you?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Auntie Nicole

Not long ago we mentioned that Nicole's younger sister Antonia remarried and moved to Singapore with her four children. Extremely fertile Antonia is officially expecting her fifth baby (or sixth depending on your point of view). It is her new husband, Craig Marron's first child. 

Not be upstaged by her sister now or ever, Antonia once again shows big sister how easy it is to get pregnant ... at the age of 40. Here's hoping Antonia has a big enough pantry in her new Singapore home to stock food for her ever-increasing brood.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A whopping 82% say career is dead?

Nicole holds her head in shame at the Poll results

The latest Poll has closed. We asked you to vote on whether a cameo appearance in Jennifer Aniston's new film would save Nicole's career. An unsurprising 82% of voters said it wouldn't. Stayed tuned for a new Poll starting soon.

After lacklustre reviews for her last couple of films and some recent PR disasters, Nicole sacked her agent and moved onto a new agent. His advice has most likely been to lay low, dress better, and do the odd cameo so the public gain new interest. Come on guys, at least one of you must think she has a chance at another Oscar. Where is that plastic nose when you need it!

So what is the real reason they are dragging the chain on releasing RABBIT HOLE? Is it really as bad as her other films?