Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birds of a feather

If you were a producer of a movie, would you hire two has-been actors as the leads? Furthermore, would you hire two people who can't move their faces because of all the Botox and other crap in their faces?

Well, that is the case with the new film TRESPASS set to start filming in August. There have been rumours flying around about the teaming up of Kidman and Nicolas Cage for this film for awhile. They keep persisting, so we thought we'd include it on here. The two will play a married couple who are held captive by a nasty gang who want lots of money for their return. Good luck trying gang. You are doing everyone a favour by keeping them hostage.

Kidman and Cage might seem like an odd union to most. However there are several things in common that make these two the perfect choice. Firstly, they both love hair pieces. Secondly, they both love plastic surgery. And last, but not least, they both can't act.

The film sounds like a winner. Agree?

Monday, June 21, 2010

The tale of a younger sister

Clockwise: Nicole wore a blue jumpsuit to Antonia's marriage celebrations; Craig, Antonia and some of her kids on the way to the celebrations; Nicole arrives back in the US and Keith does the usual photo kiss

Nicole's very recent Sydney visit was to attend family celebrations for sister Antonia's recent marriage to banker Craig Marron. Nicole's 43rd birthday happened a day later. Nicole then flew out of Australia and when she landed back in the US, it was still her birthday due to the time difference. Happy 43rd, Gran.

Antonia, a former Sydney-sider, moved to Singapore not long ago with her four children to live with Craig who is based there. All sounds kind of odd, doesn't it. How her ex-husband Angus, ever agreed to that is beyond us. Apparently she was keen to leave Australia because of continued media interest in her and her children. Considering Antonia has a relatively low career in Australia, that makes no sense. Or is it because of the continued speculation about her being a surrogate for big sister? Who knows, but who the hell would want to live in hot, sweaty Singapore over lovely Sydney? Who's going to look after Mum and Dad Kidman when they get older now? Even worse, the poor children can't see their father very easily now, can they. Talk about being selfish. Another rumour flying around is that Antonia is pregnant with her fifth child (or sixth, depending on your point of view). Interesting how one sister is so fertile, while the other is as baron as Sharon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Welcome Home, Gran!

Nicole arrived home (?) in Sydney today, with daughter Sunday. What is she here for? Well, to see if there is any work here. Often big movies are made in Oz, and they are always on the lookout for extras. Nicole is simply trying her luck on that front. Keith did not come on this trip, opting to stay at home with the award he won the other night (see previous post).

A couple of days ago, Keith said he was pleased that Sunday had inherited Nicole's long legs. Do you know why Keith said this? Are they still trying to squash rumours that a surrogate was used? Just saying ...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Keith rubs it in

"At least one of us can still win an award, Nic"

Keith can occasionally still win an award, unlike his wife who hasn't won any film awards for sooooooo long. Keith won the best video award for the song Til Summer Comes Around at the CMT Awards in Nashville the other night. Haven't heard this song? You're not alone, it did nothing on the Australian charts. A different story in USA however, where fans loved it.

Nicole looks somewhat disappointed in the photo, doesn't she. Keith's joy at winning must be a reminder to her of the lack of awards Australia received. Oh Keith, stop rubbing it in ...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Kidman Tummy goes out to Brunch

Out to brunch with hubby recently

While Nicole has been getting a slamming again of late for that boob job, there is one thing sticking out that is definitely real. We often refer to it on this Blog as The Kidman Tummy. Well it's back on display for you. Usually she folds her hands in front of it to tease the Paps that she might be pregnant. On this occasion, we think she's just had too much to eat at brunch. A whole lettuce leaf this time, not half.