Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still in love! Or is it just for the CMAs?

It's called 'teasing the photographers'
It's the wonderful Country Music Awards (CMA) again.  That means Nashville's hottest and 'sexiest' couple get to play up for the cameras again. Fortunately for us, Nicole has chosen to restrain those big new boobs this time and wear something more acceptable. Whether this white dress is suitable for her age is another question. Another positive is that you can't see her G-string. Remember the 'Australia' Premiere in London?

During the CMA evening, Keith once again thanked his wife for the musical inspiration she has been to him. What he failed to mention though is that his music sales have declined since he started writing songs with her in mind. Listen to your fans, Keith! Keep your marriage stuff at home, the fans don't wanna know! Don't you read Urban Myths Blog?

PS. Middle photo reveals that the flat-screen TV forehead is still alive and kicking. You could ice skate on that!