Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nicole thanks costume designers for her wigs

Nicole Kidman attended the 12th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills this week, along with third lip, to acknowledge the work of costume designers in films.

Nicole was there to pay tribute to Nine's director Rob Marshall, who was awarded the Distinguished Collaborator Award. Even though the movie was a huge flop around the world, someone thought the costumes were pretty special and deserved some credit.

Nicole also took the chance to acknowledge the costume designers who have created the many wigs she has worn in movies, at ceremonies and any other time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Joan Crawford Syndrome

Is Nicole Kidman becoming a victim of the Joan Crawford Syndrome?

Joan Crawford was a Hollywood movie star who had the glory times and the down times in her career. She was often criticised, particularly by Bette Davis, for not being able to act (remind you of anybody?). Joan adopted four children, married multiple times, and was labelled Box Office Poison for many years. Joan started out as a very striking individual, but in her 40's began doing weird things to her face and hair. While there was no botox in those days, Joan relied on severe eyebrows, thick lipstick and butch hairdo's to be noticed (think "Johnny Guitar"). In 1945 she won an Oscar for "Mildred Pierce" and her career began to take off again, for a few years at least. Joan thrived on attention and hated it when the glory days dried up again. Her later years saw her settle for C-grade horror movies to keep her name known - think "Trog" and "I Saw What You Did".

We're not suggesting Nicole will end up doing C-grade horror films, but you never know. What we are suggesting is the lengths Nicole may go to, to stay in the limelight. Changing her appearance even more. Nicole's facial changes have, at times, being very scary, just like Joan's.

The one big difference between these two women, is that Joan became a Hollywood Legend (despite her down years). What are Kidman's chances of being known as Legend down the track? Don't know? Go see Lauren Bacall.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Grannys 2010

Nicole escorted Keith to the Granny (Freeze) Awards last night towering over him in her high heels. Nicole wore a long black Prada (yep, she loves her black dresses), and she likes Keith to wear those silver/grey suits. Unfortunately, as we've stated before, Keith is too short and short men don't look good in suits. You'd think at the Grammy Awards, Keith could try to look more the country music artist, say in jeans and a nice t-shirt. Just saying ...

Ryan Seacrest gave Keith the chance to clarify some recent comments he'd made about illegal downloading of music. It's a bit late now Keith, backpeddling won't help. We all know what you meant! It will all blow over one day for you, hopefully.