Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My PR machine needs new batteries

"The premiere for Australia is only weeks away and there isn't much buzz out there for it. To be completely honest, I am FURIOUS about this. Those Australian tourism adverts have not been well received around the world, nor has my diary. I'm not proud to say this. I worked so hard on that diary, trying to play the sympathy card again, but I guess people have worked me out. Don't the public know how hard it was to work in 40 degree heat? My poor skin! Is it any wonder I had to get more botox. Not only that, I ensured my lips were big and luscious for the silver screen, but what thanks do I get? The Academy have already hinted that they will only be requiring my attendance on the big night to say sorry to everybody for releasing another flop. Seriously my PR machine needs new batteries, because something is not going right. Anyone got any heavy duty Duracell batteries to spare?"


Anonymous said...

That photo from the movie is hilarious. Her lips looks so over-inflated. That is one photo that surely won't help marketing? What was Baz thinking releasing that shot?

Anonymous said...

Thought she took care of herself isn't smoking in the 2nd photo???

Choice said...

That is indeed a photo of her smoking. Well spotted. It is an old photo, but a good one.