Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Keith's parents agree to a photo with Nicole

Nicole and Keith must read the blogs. Awhile ago we commented that you never see Nicole with Keith's parents. Well things have improved. They were invited to her Mum's recent 70th birthday dinner in Sydney. It's hard to believe, isn't it. Well there it is above! An actual photo of Nicole with Keith's parents! Just don't ask for a photo with both sets of parents together at the dinner.

Nicole was pleased to have this dinner to go to. It meant she didn't have to go to the Oscars with her tail between her legs.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nicole a 'NO SHOW' at Oscars

Wondering why Nicole didn't show up to this year's Oscars when she normally loves to be there? Well, her new agent surely advised her to disappear from public view for awhile so he can work on his 'Reinvention of Nicole Kidman Strategy'. Also, with the embarrassing flop that NINE was, it really was in Nicole's best interest to avoid the Oscars. How much can the public take of someone referred to as 'box office poison'?

The Oscars seemed to be more enjoyable this year. Everybody acted cool, and the speeches were bearable. Another reason they were so enjoyable was the absence of Nicole Kidman. Nothing worse than watching her on stage doing a presentation, and name dropping while she is at it. Nicole loves everyone to know that she is good friends with Sandra, Meryl, George and Oprah ... bla bla bla. So instead of just giving a presentation speech, Nicole would probably say something like "And my dear friend Sandra is being nominated tonight for Blind Side. I love this woman, we make cup-cakes together. Oh, and George Clooney is a very good friend of mine, and Meryl and Sigourney too".

The reason Nicole wants you to know she has friends in high places is because she can't believe it herself. A high school drop-out from Down Under knows Meryl Streep ... amazing.