Thursday, November 27, 2008

You can't run or hide from Nicole this week

Don't try running or hiding from Nicole this week. She is appearing everywhere to remind you that her new movie (what's it called again?) has started. Nicole wants you to see it and support her, in an attempt to shift that 'box office poison' label that you gave her.

1. Let's begin with the infamous interview on David Letterman on Monday night. Letterman would have been happy to talk about Keith Urban the entire show me thinks, but Nicole was there to talk about the film and asked if he could move on from that. Depends on your point of view, but I felt he was rather rude towards her. Nicole may not have been totally on the ball at times, but I guess she's had a bit of jet lag this week to endure. I was surprised though she had no idea about the Paul Hogan 'put a shrimp on the BBQ' Aussie tourism adverts from 1987 that Letterman referred to. You can see the Letterman interview in two parts by clicking here and  here.

2. Nicole then appeared on Regis and Kelly the next morning. Naturally they asked about the infamous Letterman interview (quite brave of them). You can see the Regis and Kelly interview by clicking here.

3. Nicole appeared on the Australian movie review program At the Movies (ABC TV) on Wednesday night. This was filmed during her whirlwind trip Down Under last week. Clearly, this is the calmest Nicole has been in ages, and came across less giggly and less annoying than normal. Perhaps she felt more at home with David Stratton's interviewing style. You can see the At the Movies interview by clicking here.

4. While not directly related to the movie (although any PR helps, I guess), Nicole found time to make an appearance at the UNIFEM Violence Against Women campaign that she is the Goodwill Ambassador for. Nicole proudly revealed that 5 million signatures have now been received. Now all she needs is the Australia film to make $5 million back in it's first week (and the rest). You can see her speech by clicking here.
5. Later in the week, Nicole appeared on The View where she sat in the company of Bette Midler and Whoopi Goldberg. I got the feeling that Whoopi was not that impressed with Nicole based on the look on her face. Who could blame her when Nicole started with the usual spill about Keith, motherhood and career. Check out Whoopi's body language and the Nicole interview here.
I am sure there are other interviews or photo opportunities that's she's attended over the last week, but these are the most notable. In a nutshell, they represent that ever present PR Machine she keeps running.


Anonymous said...

I love that photo of Nicole running in the photo. She looks so skinny and scrawny. As if a hunk like Hugh would go for that!

maclen said...

Normally, I would be tempted to say that this will spell the end of kidman's big 100+ budget would be blockbuster movie career...of jetsetting the world over, disgustingly exploiting and reducing the honorary role of a UN ambassadorship to shameless pr for her terrible movies... but with murdoch's limitless pockets... I would doubt it. But if even the US government can udderly trash its ecomony and foreign affairs...hollywood would certainly and even knowingly throw away good money on another kidman movie...tis a, I'll be back....

Anonymous said...

Did you notice she read from notes for that Violence against women speech. It wouldn't have been that hard to ad-lib would it?

Anonymous said...

If she was on Letterman on Nov. 24 and said the baby would be 5 months old "next Monday" - why is she saying the next day (Nov. 25) that it is her 5-month birthday that day???????

Anonymous said...

A few people have questioned Nicole's mathematics. There are two possible responses:

1. She hasn't got a clue how old her baby really is

2. She was put on the spot and didn't really have time to think about how old Sundae is. But gee, aren't these the sorts of things new mums know off the top of the head?