Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nicole's Bunny Movie is out!

At the premiere:
The usual smiles and poses from Nashville's 'hottest' couple

Nicole and Keith attended the 35th Annual Toronto International Film Festival on Monday night for  the premiere of her new movie THE RABBIT HOLE. The film, which has been in post production for ages, is tipped to turn Nicole's career around. Why? Well, it is the first time she will be playing an animal. Decked out in a cute bunny suit, Nicole plays a rabbit who likes to dig holes all over the place.  Whoops, sorry that was the original script! After script changes, THE RABBIT HOLE is now about a married couple who lose their son in an accident. Aaron Eckhart plays the husband. Earlier posts on this movie from Nicole Kidman's Journey are shown here and here.

So, do you think Nicole dropped the botox for this role so she could play a tearful, mourning mother?  Or will she rely on tissues to hide her face throughout the film?