Monday, December 29, 2008

She aint heavy, she's my daughter

Nashville's favourite couple were seen at the local Christmas Day morning mass after promising Sunday “a lot of hugs and kisses and Christmas carols.” 

Who said you never see Keith holding baby Sunday? Well here he is, but only if holding the baby capsule counts. Gee, that capsule looks heavy though! Sunday must not take after Mum in the poor appetite department.  Keith may need to consider returning to the gym if Sunday continues eating so well.  Or perhaps Sunday stayed at home, and that is a capsule full of something else. 

Friday, December 26, 2008

Tennessee Christmas Walkies

Nicole's family flew over to Tennessee for Christmas after Nicole and Keith decided not to spend it in Australia this year.  It makes sense for the Kidman clan to do this if they wish to see Sunday Rose at all. It's likely the only time you will see Nicole back in Australia is to fight the construction of 100 motels near her private country mansion (located south of Sydney). The mansion is expected to be vacant 362 days of the year. Let us know if you are looking for somewhere to stay when holidaying in Australia as there are plenty of bedrooms in this mansion. We will see what we can organise for you. Afterall, who wants to stay in a motel?

Anyway, isn't it marvellous of Nicole and Keith to take the family out for a walk in Tennessee over the Christmas break?  A nice family outing indeed. Just a pity that poor Sunday had to miss out.  I guess she was at home with that Nanny?  What Nanny, I hear you say.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Possums

Nicole Kidman's Journey Blog would like to wish all its readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you enjoy a nice bottle of red like Nicole over the festive season, but don't eat too much stuffing! Nicole has kindly forwarded her Christmas Wish List for our viewing pleasure:

Nicole's 2008 Christmas Wish List:
  1. Hope everyone forgets how bad 'Australia' is;
  2. Learn to knit mittens while in retirement;
  3. That Antonia will sign the full custody papers;
  4. See Bella and Connor for at least 3o minutes over the holidays;
  5. To spend some quality time with the goat.
Let's see if 2009 will be more uplifting for Nicole and her fans after a turbulent 2008. Do you think it will be?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Connor, here's taxi money, off you go"

You may recall Will Smith offered Connor Cruise a small role in his new film Seven Pounds. Connor appeared at the LA premiere this week with Will, but there was no sign of Mother Nicole, or Father Tom to lend a supporting hand.  

Which of the following reasons is right? 
  1. Nicole has been down in the dumps following repeated beatings over her role in Australia.  She has since retreated to her Nashville home to recover.  
  2. Nicole would rather spend time with her biological child, Sunday.  
  3. Tom is too busy making another looney video for the Church of Scientology.
  4. Tom would rather spend time with his biological daughter, Suri.
  5. Connor is too embarrassed to be seen with Nicole or Tom, and would rather go alone.
I think it is No. 5, what about you? Whatever the reason, does the world really need another rich kid getting an easy ride to a movie career? 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't call me, I'll call you (Regards, Baz)

Baz Luhrmann has announced he will not work with Nicole Kidman again because of her over-botoxed face and massive lips.  Actually that's not quite true, but it's probably most of the reason. He also admits the controversial movie Australia has been difficult to market, and that executives at 20th Century Fox were having problems targetting audiences because of its mix of slapstick comedy and intense drama.

Luhrmann said that working with Nicole causes too many "life-transforming things" to happen. Such as her breaking up with Tom Cruise, and his father dying, on the first day of filming Moulin Rouge. While filming the flop Australia, he said "six weeks before we finished filming, we were doing a scene where her character has to say she can't have children and she goes, 'Bazzy, Bazzy, I've got to see you,' and we sit down under a tree and she tells me she's pregnant and she burst into tears and I did, too, because I knew that was what she wanted more than anything else. We both said we can't make another movie together because there are only so many life-transforming events we can go through."

Yeah right, Baz ... we believe you, thousands wouldn't! I am sure the real reasons you don't want to work with her again is because Fox Studios are giving you a hard time, and Nicole's acting just keeps attracting bad reviews. Not to mention the difficulty cinema-goers, like me, had watching those huge lips for 2 hr45 mins.

So how does Nicole react to all this? She just says that she is holding back from movies for awhile, and would rather enjoy time-out on the farm with husband and daughter. Do you believe her? Of course not, she loves being in the public eye. However, if no-one is offering her movie roles, does she really have a choice?  I believe what Nicole meant to say is: "I need a break from botox and plastic surgery because I am starting not to recognise myself when I look in the mirror. Just last week I screamed at what I saw! I'm taking my doctor's advice to take time-out, and learn to age gracefully. I'm sorry for the bad movies I've made, but I had to earn money to pay the plastic surgeon. See you in 6 months time, if I can last that long without the attention I so desperately crave. Cheers, Nic"

Ahead of its UK release next week, the English critics continue to jump on the bandwagon with their bad reviews. For example, Film Reviewer Nick Curtis said while the movie offers audiences shots of "devastating natural grandeur'', it still manages to feel phony. "Sarah is not so much a character as a showcase for Kidman's worst acting tics, all her prissy pouts and expressions of `Botoxed' startlement,'' he wrote. "And despite a wardrobe designed to offset her Barbie-perfect bosom, bottom and ironing-board hips, she has mutated into a curiously sexless screen presence.''  Nick rated the film 2 out of 5. 

Don't forget to vote on whether Nicole should retire on the right of this Blog. Only a few days left. We will send results to her Agent soon thereafter.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wetten Dass WTF

Click on above image to enlarge

Germany's popular TV show Wetten Dass played host to Nicole and Hugh today as they continued their lengthy Australia PR campaign. Fresh from her jog around Hyde Park in London, Nicole boarded the plane to this region in an effort to persuade them to see the movie.

Nicole was presented with flowers, smiling enthusiastically for the cameras, while showing off her lovely hair extensions. Nicole couldn't resist planting a kiss on host Thomas Gottschalk's lips. He would have thought he was getting two women for the price of one with those whopper lips.

Nicole and Hugh's appearance on Wetten Dass is available here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). Note the Australia trailer with German dubbing. Maybe the movie will be more understandable now? How do you say 'crikey' in German? WTF.

Nicole has also outraged Aboriginal communities by playing the didgeridoo on the show. It is against custom for women to play this tribal instrument, and apparently makes them barren if they do so. Just as well Nicole had Sunday before the show. See News article here .

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now I'm cold!

Fresh from the London premiere of 'Australia', Nicole found some time yesterday to go for a run around Hyde Park with her bodyguard. Is that the same bodyguard who beat up the photographer?

Interesting how she puts on a coat when out running, but won't wear one when she needs it most. Silly me, it's the temperamental weather of London! Hot one day, freezing the next. Who can blame her?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More PR techniques?

When all else fails, show us what you're made of! At the London premiere of Australia last night, Nicole opted for a revealing white dress which highlighted her bra and thong very well under the harsh show-biz lights. This was not planned by poor Nicole. How embarrassing for her! After slowly recovering from a similar incident at the 2007 Aria Awards, Nicole will now need to undergo therapy again to handle this humiliating event.

You may think that this incident was an attempt by Nicole to try and bring attention to the movie for British cinema-goers, following poor box office results in the US. However, I am sure she has heard the saying "No sex please, we are British". Nicole is not considered a sex symbol in any region, so I'm positive she had no idea that her under-garments were on display for the world media.
Now if Hugh had chosen to wear a see-through suit I am sure it would help ticket sales in the British female or gay population.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Poms want better advertising!

More criticism has occurred in recent days of Nicole (and to an extent Hugh), following continued poor box office takings for Australia. Not only is Nicole now being labelled "Queen of flops" but also "no movie star". These new labels, along with the existing "box office botox poison", have had Fox Marketing scratching their heads. Nicole or Hugh are not the draw cards they assumed to entice people to part with their ticket-money. The posters of them kissing away aren't working!

Ahead of the film beginning in British cinemas, Fox have considered these labels and read many of the less favourable reviews. They've realised the one ingredient in the film that is working - the little boy, Nullah (played by Brandon Walters). Nullah seems to be the one that people love in the movie. Fox have admitted that promoting the movie as a Nicole Kidman/Hugh Jackman film was probably not such a good idea, but I guess you have to suck it and see, right?

Recent Scottish and English reviews have been scathing. One in particular criticised Nicole left, right and centre referring to her as a bad choice for a lead role. You may recall other words used like "Nicole is like a lost porcelain doll on screen".

Fox are considering publishing full page Australia adverts in British papers with Nullah as the key photo. Whether Nicole or Hugh will appear in a tiny photo at the bottom is anyone's guess. Perhaps a really, really tiny photo.

Fox have no choice but to try alternative marketing considering the poor overall box office figures. For example, Australia only made $7 million in its second week in the US! There is also the issue with the $40 million tourism campaign funded by Tourism Australia which hasn't been a great success either. But that's another story!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Walk of Fame: Congratulations Cate!

Congratulations to Cate Blanchett who finally received her star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. This long overdue honour occurred last Friday 5 December, and Steven Spielberg introduced Cate at the ceremony.

I don't know how they determine when an actor should get their star. It doesn't seem like a fair order of merit system, agree?. For example, you may recall Nicole got her Walk of Fame star right back in 2003. "For what?", I hear you say. Well, for her outstanding performances over the years, including BMX Bandits, Days of Thunder, and Far and Away.

Cate's star was positioned right outside the famous Egyptian Theatre. Cate joked "location, location, location".

Saturday, December 6, 2008

You're allowed to see me officially now

Nicole always says one thing, and does another. First she stated she would never show the baby to the world. We got early glimpses in London, the stint on Oprah, hugging the beret-minus baby in Paris, and now some more random viewings in Spain and Rome. There could be three reasons for this:

  1. Nicole is bored with trying to hide Sunday;
  2. Sunday is handy for trying to boost someone's career, following lackluster film reviews;
  3. Sunday has decided to be a movie star too, and requested more exposure.
Whatever the reason, let's hope it is the right reason ... and not because the PR machine needs fuelling. One good thing, Nicole appears to have listened to the criticisms and put a hat on the baby's head! I'm not going to comment on the baby in the back seat without proper restraint.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

From Spain to Rome, next stop Siberia

Following work and play in Paris, the world's sexiest man and his on-screen girlfriend moved on to Spain, then Rome for the premieres of Australia. Wonder what was Nic was saying to make Hugh laugh at the Spain premiere? "Oh Hugh, I've finally met someone who is taller than me, but that doesn't give you permission to look down my top!"
Do you think these European countries are getting a subtitled version or are expected to understand the Australian accent and words like 'crikey', 'bonza' and 'howzat'. A bit much to ask a person to read subtitles for three hours, let alone put up with a lack of koalas or wombats in the film. However, the Europeans don't have to see it, if they don't want to. They can join the others who have opted to see something else.

Let's hope Australia fares a little better in these regions than it has done in the USA. If not, there are still the Sibera and Antartica premieres coming up which might generate some interest.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The PR baby is back, but no Beret

Are we back to the rest and relaxation in Paris now that the Premiere is out of the way? Baby Sundae joined her parents for a visit to the Picasso exhibition held at the Grand Palais yesterday. People have commented on the lack of suitable warm clothing for the infant, so I will add my two cents worth. How about a Beret for her little head so she doesn't freeze?

It all comes back to the PR machine. Australia hasn't performed as well internationally to date, so our ever-loving photo opportunity girl 'Nic" brings out Sundae again to change the focus. However, Nicole still holds the little one close to her chest to ensure the image of 'You must not see my baby, but so you can see her head, I won't dress her in warm clothing' continues. Ah, so that's why there is no beret!

I guess Nic must feel sometimes that she's damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't. We here at Nicole's Journey understand how PR machines work, but we find this PR machine very predictable. Don't you?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paris Premiere and din-din with the Jackmans

Following yesterday's Post, it can be confirmed that the Kidman-Urbans and Jackmans were in Paris for the premiere of Australia, not just rest and relaxation. There hasn't been much news about this Paris premiere, but I am sure it has been downplayed following the lackluster Box Office results from USA. It might prove that a premiere doesn't necessarily help a movie. See photos above of Lady Nicole at the premiere with her supportive husband (I am becoming more convinced he is wearing a hair piece).
It's unlikely the French people will be subjected to any TV interviews with Nicole while she is in France, because she doesn't speak the language. If you were ever looking for a reason to compare the benefits of French TV over English TV, then this is it.
As you are aware from yesterday's Post, the Jackmans had already settled into Paris for a few days ahead of this Premiere. They met up with Keith and Nicole last night for dinner (see pics above of Nic on the streets of Paris and then heading out for the dinner). I have to say I don't mind Nic's hair up in a bun like that. Now that she's in her 40s, it certainly makes her look more respectable. Agree? Just click on the photographs to enlarge.

Here are the dates for other Australia Premieres coming up. Get your bags packed if you wish to attend any of these events:
  • Spain - December 3
  • United Kingdom - December 10
  • Germany - December 12
  • Siberia - December 18
  • Iceland - December 20
  • Antartica - December 25 (Cast members from HAPPY FEET will be special guests at this premiere. Don't miss out on seeing this 'snow-covered red carpet event'. Book your boat now).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Paris: Lifestyles of the rich, old, wrinkle free and famous

Taking time out from publicity for Australia ? Is it getting tiring having to stand there smiling for all the Paparazzi? Well then, let's head to Paris for some shopping, eating and strolling around just like all the other rich folk do. I swear, Hugh Jackman takes more breaks than anyone I know. Wasn't it just the other week he was snapped in the ocean somewhere with his son? Here he is above in Paris with his mother and children. Sorry, I mean his wife Deborah. Inset is a picture of Hugh and Debs at the Sydney premiere two weeks ago.

Nicole and entourage just landed in Paris too. Is it just a coincidence, or are the Jackmans and Kidman-Urbans holidaying together before more commitments begin for that film (you know, the one which didn't do so well at the US box office on the weekend just gone). When USA doesn't come to the party, the only option is to try and flog it in Europe. A suggestion is to walk around the streets of Paris saying 'crikey mate' as often as you can. It might just help. Or perhaps 'bonjour maite' in an Aussie accent might work better.
Lifestyles of the rich, old, somewhat talented and wrinkle free, continue ....