Monday, January 25, 2010

Is my frozen face losing me work?

A new article claims that Lady Kidman is not being offered roles anymore because of her frozen face. Well, d'uh! Just check out the above photos from her recent appearances at the Hope for Haiti, and SAG Awards. Nicole does indeed look frozen. Nicole should know by now that cinema-goers want to see emotion in an actor's face. We want to know that they take their craft seriously, not their plastic surgery.

We have to say though, that it is great to see Nicole returning to curls, rather than the dreadful straight hair extensions that she wears too often. The curls soften her face and make her look slightly less frozen. And let's face it, Nicole looks much better with the dark red hair, as shown above. Let's give some credit, where credit is due. Red has always suited her, as do curls.

Some people would say that it's not just the frozen face making her lose work. Some would say it is her bad acting too. You decide! If the bad acting is the case, we are stumped how she won an award for THE HOURS. Was that really a sympathy Oscar because Tom had dumped her? Everyone knew Julianne Moore deserved the golden man for THE HOURS.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nicole has her own Golden Globes on

Never one to miss out on any attention, Nicole turned up at the Golden Globes with her own globes on high beam. Another wardrobe malfunction or deliberate? We think the latter. This photo also shows her new breasts more clearly too. These are the enlarged boobs she apparently obtained from pregnancy and breastfeeding. Lucky for her, they didn't deflate two years later. Or is it really because she is friends with Pamela Anderson's surgeon? You decide.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Sonny and Cher Hour

As expected, Nicole did not miss out on attending this year's annual G'Day USA Dinner on 16 January. Many Aussie ex-pat celebrities turn up to the event to collect awards and hang out with old mates. Even non-Aussies like John Travolta turn up regularly for the event.

Nicole was not up for an award. However, she was not going to miss out on being in the papers, so went on stage with husband Keith to sing a tune, and do a little dance. People mistakingly thought they were watching The Sonny and Cher Hour because Nicole was wearing her long hair extensions. At least Cher's were real. The two sang a dedication (to the tune of Down Under), for their mate Simon Baker. Simon picked up an award for The Mentalist.

Nicole promised that her duet with Keith was a one-off. Somehow we doubt that. As her film career continues to decline, singing with Keith may be the only way to get some sort of publicity. Even bad publicity is considered better than nothing!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I will not go quietly!

Remember when Nicole said she would retire to enjoy motherhood and the quiet life after a string of flop movies? She's hoping you've forgotten that. NINE is a confirmed flop, but that doesn't mean she will retire now. She just moves to the other part of life where she gets a different kind of attention. She will not go quietly, OK?

Nicole spoke at the opening of the Family Violence Prevention Fund Headquarters in San Franciso last Friday in her role as Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women. The Fund aims to end violence against women and children.

Nicole said:“We’ve been able to approach governments around the world and we’ve been able to say, we want you to acknowledge your laws, change your laws and to speak out strongly. This is action, this is San Francisco showing what they can do and it's starting as you're right here -- the walls, the windows -- this is the place where it begins. And we have to make that vision stronger."

It is always good to see a celebrity using their name for a good cause. However, it's hard not to think that Nicole uses them as photo opportunities. Is she truly sincere in this role? Who really knows, but looks like she had a trip to the Botox Clinic before attending (based on the above left photo).

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sandra, you stole my hair style!

You too can have straight hair with "Nashville Hair Extensions Salon"

Both Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman turned up at the People's Choice Awards with the same hair style. One of them used their real hair, while the other used her famous hair extensions - can you guess which one?

So, what was Nicole doing at these Awards you ask, since she wasn't nominated for anything! Well hubby, Keith Urban was there to pick up the Award for Best Male Artist, beating the likes of John Mayer and Tim McGraw. Congratulations to Keith, considering his latest album Defying Gravity is a completely dull album!

Sandra Bullock, the current darling of the Box Office picked up Awards for The Proposal and The Blind Side. Sandra is by no means a classically trained actress, but she has star quality and can pull in an audience. Nicole hugged Sandra at the Awards, to forgive her for stealing her hairstyle. You may recall the two starred together in Practical Magic in 1998. You don't remember that silly film? Come on now, it was the one where Nicole got to play herself. You know, a witch.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The case of the missing inlaws

Clockwise from top left: Keith's parents, Nicole's parents, Shane Urban and wife. Inset: Nicole, who'd perhaps rather not hang out with her mother-in-law.

In marriages you often find that the groom hangs out more with the bride's family. Perhaps this is because the bride can't stand the mother-in-law or monster-in-law. Ever wondered why Nicole never visits Queensland where Keith's parents and his brother Shane live? Is it because they are too common for HER liking? I mean Keith's Dad has one of those long moustaches and is not as well educated as Doctor Antony Kidman. Keith's Mum is not as well educated as Nurse Janelle Kidman. Still, this shouldn't matter since Nicole herself dropped out of high school.

Perhaps it is more because Keith's parents don't fit the image of inlaws that NKU fanatics would expect. Or is it because they are 'too countryish'? Anyone who has been to Caboolture will know the sort of townsfolk you get there. Nevertheless, there are some lovely regions around that part of Australia. Keith's brother Shane lives close-by on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and is well regarded by the locals. By the way, what I like about Shane is that he is balding gracefully, unlike Keith.

You may recall, Nicole arrived into Sydney recently to see her family, and Keith followed after finishing the Brisbane concert. He remained in Sydney to spend Christmas with HER family again. Remember last year, when they spent Christmas with HER parents again (in Nashville). Whatever happened to one year with your family, and one year with my family. Like married people do.

How come she will only buy investment properties in the State she comes from? Surely Keith would like a place in Queensland? Perhaps he already has one or two there, before he met Nicole.

So, does anyone else get the impression that Nicole doesn't like his parents much? It's all just seems rather odd.

Just to finish off, if anyone has any photos of Nicole with Keith's parents, please send them to us. Wedding photos excluded. Thanks.