Monday, October 27, 2008

What's the verdict?

The most recent Poll has closed. An incredible 54% of voters thought that the upcoming movie "Australia" would NOT save Nicole's career. Less than half of this (26%) thought it would help restore her career, while 19% were undecided. Ah, we will see for sure come 26 November when the film premieres in America and Australia, and other countries soon thereafter. This 3 hour epic might have viewers on the edge of their seats, or it might be an opportunity to catch up on some sleep when the lights dim. Alternatively you could wait for the DVD, or not watch it at all. Whatever, we at Nicole Kidman's Journey wish Nic all the best, whether she has to bow out tearfully, or prepare for that next Academy Award. Thanks again for your votes. Stayed tuned for a new Poll starting soon.


Anonymous said...

That backless gown reveals the nice curves

Toni said...

She does have a Nice BACK......She looks especially sexy from behind.I believe Keith thinks so too.Then he doesn't have to look at that Old BOTOXED face.
Just keep photographing her from behind...Her best feature.