Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Skeletor shines at 'Elle' event

The Elle 15th annual Women in Hollywood event is over for another year - phew! Nicole didn't miss the chance to strut her stuff in a rather short green dress designed to show off her extra long legs. If you look closer you will be pleased to see some real hair and some grey roots coming through the top. The long bits at the back are of course extensions.

The annual event is aimed at celebrating the careers and contributions of a select bunch of deserving female movie stars. Someone asked me "What was Nicole doing there then?" It was not to hand out the finger food as I first thought, but surely to pick up her rotten tomato award for 'Birth'.

I won't say anything about Isla Fisher's suck up job at the evening either. Did you hear what she said?


Anonymous said...

Nik fire your stylist - but keep the make up artist. That dress is just so unflattering to her figure. She looks fat yet thin all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Nicole looks so silly in these pictures. I dont understand why they say she is sexy. Hardly.