Monday, October 13, 2008

Only a few hours left to vote for Nic's best guy

Who will it be? Who is the man best suited to Nicole? Is it Tom B, Tom C, Keith, Lenny or ?.
You have one day left to vote, before another Poll begins. Let's see if Nicole has good taste after all. Vote at the top right corner of this Blog.


TexasCourtJester said...

Has anyone else been able to vote? All I see of the poll is the title and a blue rectangle - no choices to choose from at all. Is it just my computers or everybody?

hoosierlady said...

Thanks for the photo with the cigarette. Maybe she's just human like the rest of us?

I voted a week ago. Make your computer reload the page, Texas?

"That's right, I'm not from Texas, but Texas wants me anyway"

Everytime I read your name I think of Lyle.

TexasCourtJester said...

We ALL want and enjoy your posts Hoosierlady.

Maybe just little ol me has been blocked from voting. Since I'm such a troublemaker. I had to change my user name. There's another CJ running around and I'd hate for us to be considered one and the same.

As for Nic being human, yes, she is human, but a pretty sorry one in many's opinion. Somethings you can't change - height, eye color, etc. Some things you can change if you choose to, such as your habit of lying, anger management, and whether you treat other people poorly or not. She chooses to be a lying, high strung, angry, mean person which is why so many people do not respect her to the point of refusing to work on projects she is associated with.

Choice said...

Texas Court Jester:
Not sure why you cannot vote (don't worry, have not blocked you, I love your comments). Perhaps try refreshing. There are only 6 hours to vote. Make your vote count!

Nic might be human like us, but I feel she is looking more like an Alien, don't you? As for the smoking photo, it is there to remind us how she often lies. As she said "I don't smoke, and I use sunscreen, and I am very proud to say that". What she should have said is "I enjoy smoking behind the scenes with my chain smoking buddy Russell, and my husband smokes all sorts of things, and I don't really have to worry about getting freckles in the sun because I get my skin bleached". By the way, the votes are looking interesting. Not what I was expecting. It could change with only six hours left.

Thanks again for your great comments.