Sunday, October 5, 2008

Magazine Madonna

If you don't like Nicole Kidman, then it is advisable to stay away from the Newsagency for the next month or so because she may be on few magazine covers to promote that film. The November issue of 'Elle' has your typical airbrushed shot of Nic dressed as the green eyed monster. This started me thinking about some other silly covers she has done like the 'Vanity Fair' cover baring her then newly purchased bra (see middle bottom photo). But what really took the cake was Nicole attempting to look like Marilyn Monroe on 'Harpers Bizarre' magazine. As if! What an insult to poor Marilyn. And then there is the 'Marie Claire' cover where she'd just had some botox before the photographer arrived (see bottom right). Aside from all these covers which gave us a good laugh, it is worth pointing out that once upon a time, she did look normal on magazine covers. Just look at the bottom left corner to see her on the cover of 'Vogue' back in the mid 1990s. In those times, Nicole could actually sell a magazine. These days I'm not so sure based on the stack of current Woman's Weekly's I saw today.


Choice said...
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Navona Sauro International said...

Poor Nicole. It seems that she wishes that she was Pamela Anderson!


Meade Skelton said...

Nicole is much more attractive than Pamela Anderson!