Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Poll starts today: who is best suited to Nic?

Nicole's dated some hotties, and some guys not so hot. With everything we know about Nicole, which one do you think suits her best - out of the above men? Steve Bing was really just a friend, but he makes up a nice even number. Do you think Tiny Tom Cruise was her perfect match? Or perhaps, grungy, but sexy Lenny Kravitz? Maybe you prefer the Snowy River guy who was much older when she dated him as a teen i.e. Tom Burlinson. Perhaps you might think the tall, dark and handsome actor Marcus Graham was best suited to her. Or are you one of the adoring fans who thinks short, but reasonably hot Keith is just right. Here's your chance to cast your vote on the new Poll at the top right corner of this Blog. Let's see if Nicole really has taste.

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Anonymous said...

Marcus Graham ... OMG ... Yum!