Friday, October 10, 2008

Lauren Bacall will put you in your place

Hollywood movie star Lauren Bacall is famous for speaking her mind. She says the things that everyone thinks. This week she described Tom Cruise as a "Maniac" for dumping her pal, Nicole Kidman. She added "When you talk about a great actor, you're not talking about Tom Cruise. His behaviour is shocking, inappropriate and vulgar." That makes sense, why did I not realise this about Tom?

Lauren and Kidman became friends on the 2003 film "Dogville" but there was some tension for a while after an interviewer of the two labelled Kidman "A legend". Lauren quickly stepped in and stated that she was not a legend because that was only reserved for the great film stars, and ones that had passed away (e.g. Humphrey Bogart). I think Lauren was also trying to say that Kidman will never be a legend. It just aint gonna happen until we possibly get some more hits on the movie scoreboard.


Anonymous said...

I am sure Lauren would not want to be known for being friends with Kidman. She has too much class to be seen with the likes of stick insect.

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise must be so embarrassed by those choice words. Let's hope he learns from this.

Anonymous said...

Well, you lied.

What really happened was back in 2004 a reporter was interviewing Bacall and referred to Kidman as a legend.

Bacall corrected the reporter and stated that Kidman was too young to be considered a legend and that title was reserved for Actors who had completed their body of work and that Kidman was still mid-career.

Choice said...

I think it's just a different choice of words, that's all. I hardly lied.

Anonymous said...

To choice: It's a leaving out of the facts. That quote is old and what was behind the statement was widely reported.

TexasCourtJester said...

"That quote is old and what was behind the statement was widely reported."

Anon, maybe choice wasn't paying attention to NK at the time it was "widely reported". Just because it was news then doesn't mean it is now. I doubt the "reports" were in the same article as the quote. Why should she research a quote about Nicole Kidman? A quote to the contrary was probably released before or after this quote. Ms. Kidman can never keep her stories straight and the media follows her example. Why just this month she said in an interview she "had an hour and a half one way commute" to the set of Australia while filming when before she said she stayed on set and did not stay in town during filming. If NK can't keep her own lies straight why should anyone else? Anyone can quote whatever quote that supports their purpose at the time and that includes Choice. If you don't like it then go write your own blog.