Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, many people will be putting wigs on. Other people might be removing their wigs. That's because the real thing can often be more scary! Happy trick or treating to you all.


Angela said...

I read that Cindy Crawford dressed up as Amy Winehouse, but I'm definately going as Nicole this year and have perfected my costume:

(1)Tightly wrap a strip of clingfilm around your forehead ensuring that it is tight enough to (a) push your eyebrows down (b) smooth out the surface until it is tight and shiny as a drum. Sellotape it tight at the back.

(2) Cover head with ginger wig - I managed to find a blonde one in a welfare shop and have painted the tips orange and dusted the roots with flour to achieve that grey roots look. I've curled it and added a few girly ribbons on clips.

(3) Make-up is important: so make sure that you draw dark brown eyebrows at an 'angry' angle. For lips, you can overline them so that they appear larger and fuller or you can use a pair of those rubber big lips that most jokeshops sell. The rest of the make-up should be heavy and waxy looking.

(4) Clothes was difficult but I've borrowed a friend's old prom dress which is long and frilly and pink and could be something that Nicole would wear...

(5) Wear the highest heels you have to get that giraffe height.

(6) Still looking for my 'Keith Urban' - may have to ask my eleven year old brother as he is still under 5 foot.

(7) I've become an expert at the Kidman 'whisper' basically it's just a bad Marilyn Monroe impression with every other word said in an Australian accent, with lots of heavy breathy. Hardest thing is not to move your face.

(8) I've finished it off with a plastic Oscar as an accessory.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Now that is one scary photo!