Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Poll: Will 'Australia' save Nicole's career?

While marketing heats up for Baz Luhrman’s epic “Australia” ahead of its world premiere on 24 November, it seems fitting to ask the question “Will Australia save Nicole’s career?”. Following a run of flops for Nicole, it would be nice to think that she won't spoil Baz's success record to date. To be fair, some of Hugh Jackman’s recent films have been less than stellar too (e.g. Deception) but Nicole is supposed to be the lead in this film. Now is your chance to vote on whether you think this film will save Nicole’s career. Could this film be her ticket to another Oscar? Based on her spectacles in the above left photo, it is highly likely LOL! Vote at the top right hand corner of this Blog now.


Navona Sauro International said...

Will Australia save Nicole Kidman's career? Well, only until her next flop!

Anonymous said...

The film is apparently 3 hours long and if that doesn't send cinema goers to sleep, then I don't know what will. Are they trying to do an "Out of Africa" rip off in this film? Only difference being that Meryl Streep didn't use botox.

Meade Skelton said...

Nicole is the most beautiful woman in the world- and the most talented actress of our time. She gets better lookin' with age. This film looks nice- i dont care for that Hugh Jackman who appears to be all up on my gal, but I will see it!