Monday, September 1, 2008

Will 'Australia' succeed?

The Australian Government is banking on it to boost tourism, but will the epic film "Australia" be the hit that everyone is hoping? The teaser trailer released some months ago gave very little away except to make us scratch our heads and go "WTF". Reshoots were completed recently, but that is never a sure sign of a flop as nearly all flms these days require reshoots before final editing wraps up. My feeling is that the film will do fairly well, but not great. With Nicole's list of flops in recent years, it might have to be up to Hugh to save the day. On top of that, other blockbusters will be released around the same time. It remains to be seen if the audience will buy a porcelain faced lady in the harsh outback in the days when botox did not exist.


danimellow said...

The best actrees

cricket said...

I]ve got my fingers crossed that it outflops The Invasion. I just want her to go away. She sucks