Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nicole and Keith: a match made in heaven?

When Nicole and Keith married in June 2006, many people thought it would last five minutes. Over two years later, the Aussie couple are still together. Do you think they look right together? Or is it a bit of chalk and cheese? Remember, opposites do attract. I find Keith incredibly sexy and probably the cutest to date, even if people refer to him as short or an Oompa Loompa. You'll have your chance to vote for the man that you think suits Nicole and her image best. The next poll on this Blog will feature her husband and ex lovers and you'll be able to vote for the one that you think is suited. Was it Tom Burlinson or Tom Cruise? Or was it Marcus Graham perhaps? Stayed tuned for the next Poll on Nicole Kidman's Journey. Coming soon!


ShutUpAndSing said...

A match made in hell maybe..

cricket said...

I agree this is a match made in hell. And Kidman is the Devil.