Friday, September 19, 2008

"An absolute reality ... an absolute possibility".

The UK Independent poses the following question today "Down under - the movie: Can Baz, Nicole and Hugh persuade us to go to Australia?". As you may be aware from an earlier Blog entry, the film "Australia" will be used to promote Australia as a tourist destination, since our visitor arrivals have continued to dwindle since the 2000 Olympics. Baz has also been commissioned to film a number of advertisements to promote the country which will shown across the world in the lead-up to the film's release. The article also mentions Nicole's 'mostoverpaid actor status' which may stop people from going to see the movie. The article also points out that Baz is aware that the film could flop. In his words, "an absolute reality ... an absolute possibility". Each cinema ticket comes with a free Botox injection.


Anonymous said...

Is Baz gay? His movies have a kind of homosexual sensibility about them that I can't put my finger on. Strictly Ballroom; Moulin Rouge, that Chanel commercial and Australia all have that gay thing going on. It's not meant in a derogatory way at all, but much like Almodovar (who is gay) has it too. Maybe it's the style over substance method that he uses in his work... What do you think?

Choice said...

Well I know he is married to Catherine, but that could be a marriage of convenience. Or Baz might have a strong feminine side and likes to explore it through his movies. He adores Nicole apparently.