Thursday, September 11, 2008

Congratulations Nicole!

It's sort of hard not to feel sorry for Nicole Kidman. Every other week she is being knocked or labelled for something or the other. Awhile ago, you may recall Russell Crowe and herself were listed as stars among the most overpaid. At that time Nicole's films only returned $8 for every dollar she was paid. Things have gotten worse! A survey released by US magazine Forbes has just given her the new title of "Hollywood's most overpaid actor". Nicole's films now only return $1 for every dollar she is paid. The film most accredited for this new "honour" is The Invasion (scene from this film above) which lost $US2.68 for every dollar she earned. Nicole was paid $US17 million to star in The Invasion. Have you seen the film? It starts off OK but quickly turns pear-shaped. Nicole probably doesn't care because she still has the $17 million in her bank account and can disappear to a deserted island until the dust settles. I personally would do this, then return when everyone's almost forgotten the dud films, then make an amazing comeback. Anyway, congratulations Nicole for winning this latest award.

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cricket said...

This is the first award she actually deserved. No wait it's the second,the first one she earned herself was the Razzie for worst actress in Bewitched.