Thursday, September 4, 2008

When Nicole met the Jolie-Pitts

I'll never forgot the day when Nicole met Angelina and Brad. I wondered what they were talking about. Perhaps a joint movie venture? Perhaps discussion over charity ventures? Or adopting children perhaps? Well, I think the top photo is pretty certain. Botox admiration society. Yes folks, Nicole is not the only one to indulge, it would appear. Go Angie, go!


Anonymous said...

She's transfixed by Angie's lips - maybe they were the inspiration for her now mutilated mouth.

Anonymous said...

Nicole: "You owe me, Angie. Mr & Mrs Smith was a hit just because I droppped out, otherwise it would have flo..."

Angelina: OK! OK! Nicole! Go ahead and copy my lips if you think that might make us even.

Nicole: Now where is that Kate Winslet? She owes me too for The Reader which is sure to be a box office hit now that I'm not doing it...

Brad: Listen Nicole, I'm really sorry that you had to marry a Oompa-Loompa, but I don't owe you anything!

Angie: Jeez! What a bitch!