Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Changing Face

Nicole has been criticised over the years for using botox, having plastic surgery and pumping up her lips. Alot of Hollywood stars do it, so why does Nicole receive so much attention for doing it? Well because she denies it and that's what annoys people. Better to say nothing. The pictures give it all away anyway. No-one really minds if someone alters their face, it's their choice but in the case of Nicole alot of people are asking why? There was really nothing wrong with her face in the first place. Check out the photos and see if you agree.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at photos of yourself at 17 and then at 41?

Aging does indeed change appearance. If only it did not.

Choice said...

Yes and I am still happy with what I see. No need for the botox centre just yet.