Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meet the Kidmans

About time this blog mentioned the Kidman family. If there is one nice thing you can say about Nicole is what a great family she has. Her parents are lovely, they stay miles away from Nicole and they don't complain about it. And then there is younger sister Antonia who is a real sweetie. Despite a breakup with longtime husband Angus, she never tried to get attention in the media from it. She has brought up her children well away from the media. In fact the only real connection she has with media is her TV show on Foxtel. Big sister could probably learn some tips from Antonia on how to live a normal life and not seek attention at every corner. I guess you could say Nicole comes from a solid family background. Remember though, she was always a bit rebellious.


ShutUpAndSing said...

The Waltons... they are not..LOL

cricket said...

They all look kinda creepy except for Antonia