Saturday, December 6, 2008

You're allowed to see me officially now

Nicole always says one thing, and does another. First she stated she would never show the baby to the world. We got early glimpses in London, the stint on Oprah, hugging the beret-minus baby in Paris, and now some more random viewings in Spain and Rome. There could be three reasons for this:

  1. Nicole is bored with trying to hide Sunday;
  2. Sunday is handy for trying to boost someone's career, following lackluster film reviews;
  3. Sunday has decided to be a movie star too, and requested more exposure.
Whatever the reason, let's hope it is the right reason ... and not because the PR machine needs fuelling. One good thing, Nicole appears to have listened to the criticisms and put a hat on the baby's head! I'm not going to comment on the baby in the back seat without proper restraint.


Anonymous said...

She has had some serious work done on those lips. Nicole that is.

These new photos with the baby look so staged. Do you think they are?

Anonymous said...

After the drubbing Nicole Kidman got by the critics, and the lacklustre reviews on Australia, you can just imagine Nicole phoning the nanny in Tennessee and demanding that she 'bring the baby immediately to Europe'. She may think parading the baby softens her image, but it all looks so Joan Crawford to me. If she really cared about that child so wouldn't be signing onto movie after movie after movie and wouldn't have rushed back to work two weeks after having giving birth to her. Poor kid, nobody deserves a narcissistic, self-obsessed, movie star for a mum.

Anonymous said...

In the few photos we have seen of the baby has anyone else noticed it is always Nicole holding the child. Poor Keith either has the blanket, diaper bag or the old bags bag. Must be he hasn't proven himslef capable of holding on to a baby.

Jen said...

Keith isn't allowed to old the baby in public. It's all about Nicole, don't you know. When Keith talks about Sunday he says "we" and "our", when Nicole talks about her it's "I" "mine" & "my". In the Paris photos it looked, to me anyway, that Sunday kept trying to look towards Keith, but Nicole had such a grip on that kids head, she could barely look around.