Thursday, December 18, 2008

Don't call me, I'll call you (Regards, Baz)

Baz Luhrmann has announced he will not work with Nicole Kidman again because of her over-botoxed face and massive lips.  Actually that's not quite true, but it's probably most of the reason. He also admits the controversial movie Australia has been difficult to market, and that executives at 20th Century Fox were having problems targetting audiences because of its mix of slapstick comedy and intense drama.

Luhrmann said that working with Nicole causes too many "life-transforming things" to happen. Such as her breaking up with Tom Cruise, and his father dying, on the first day of filming Moulin Rouge. While filming the flop Australia, he said "six weeks before we finished filming, we were doing a scene where her character has to say she can't have children and she goes, 'Bazzy, Bazzy, I've got to see you,' and we sit down under a tree and she tells me she's pregnant and she burst into tears and I did, too, because I knew that was what she wanted more than anything else. We both said we can't make another movie together because there are only so many life-transforming events we can go through."

Yeah right, Baz ... we believe you, thousands wouldn't! I am sure the real reasons you don't want to work with her again is because Fox Studios are giving you a hard time, and Nicole's acting just keeps attracting bad reviews. Not to mention the difficulty cinema-goers, like me, had watching those huge lips for 2 hr45 mins.

So how does Nicole react to all this? She just says that she is holding back from movies for awhile, and would rather enjoy time-out on the farm with husband and daughter. Do you believe her? Of course not, she loves being in the public eye. However, if no-one is offering her movie roles, does she really have a choice?  I believe what Nicole meant to say is: "I need a break from botox and plastic surgery because I am starting not to recognise myself when I look in the mirror. Just last week I screamed at what I saw! I'm taking my doctor's advice to take time-out, and learn to age gracefully. I'm sorry for the bad movies I've made, but I had to earn money to pay the plastic surgeon. See you in 6 months time, if I can last that long without the attention I so desperately crave. Cheers, Nic"

Ahead of its UK release next week, the English critics continue to jump on the bandwagon with their bad reviews. For example, Film Reviewer Nick Curtis said while the movie offers audiences shots of "devastating natural grandeur'', it still manages to feel phony. "Sarah is not so much a character as a showcase for Kidman's worst acting tics, all her prissy pouts and expressions of `Botoxed' startlement,'' he wrote. "And despite a wardrobe designed to offset her Barbie-perfect bosom, bottom and ironing-board hips, she has mutated into a curiously sexless screen presence.''  Nick rated the film 2 out of 5. 

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maclen said...

Certainly choice, the barbs are now coming at a breakneck speed...aren't they? Just read an article where kidman, who usually spends christmas in OZ with the family...this article claims she might instead spend it in tennessee because of the film critisism and no doubt the didgeradoo hoopla in OZ . Not sure of its validity...but that's the atmosphere she now has to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it just gets better and better this saga. They could do a movie on Nicole Kidman with all the stuff about her. Problem is, what actor would be prepared to play her? And risk losing their career in the process?

maclen said...


strike my first comment about kidman usually spending xmas in Oz...she usually spends thanksgiving in oz... as to whether kidman planned to spend xmas in oz was stay tuned about this story...,21985,24816083-5012974,00.html

Nicole Kidman in retreat after critics maul Australia

"NICOLE Kidman has abandoned plans for Christmas Down Under and has taken refuge in Nashville, following the critical bashing of her role in Australia."

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the story of a CEO in a company that I used to work for, who put out a statement to his staff that he was leaving because "He'd reached a crossroads in his life and felt that he needed some quality time out to evaluate his life, his goals & aspirations, and to spend more time with his family." Two months later we all learnt that he'd been sentenced to four years in prison for embezzling the company's pension fund. It's amazing how these days, people can find ways spin the truth. Would Baz & Nicole be putting out this statement if the film had been a huge success? The truth is probably closer to: Baz's sudden realisation that his muse, Nicole Kidman is box office poison.

Choice said...

Thanks Maclen for the link to that article. How awful for her not coming to Australia for Xmas, but how fantastic for all of us! The Aborigines won't need to put barricades at the airport now.

You might enjoy this article, it mentions the Facebook thing: