Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paris Premiere and din-din with the Jackmans

Following yesterday's Post, it can be confirmed that the Kidman-Urbans and Jackmans were in Paris for the premiere of Australia, not just rest and relaxation. There hasn't been much news about this Paris premiere, but I am sure it has been downplayed following the lackluster Box Office results from USA. It might prove that a premiere doesn't necessarily help a movie. See photos above of Lady Nicole at the premiere with her supportive husband (I am becoming more convinced he is wearing a hair piece).
It's unlikely the French people will be subjected to any TV interviews with Nicole while she is in France, because she doesn't speak the language. If you were ever looking for a reason to compare the benefits of French TV over English TV, then this is it.
As you are aware from yesterday's Post, the Jackmans had already settled into Paris for a few days ahead of this Premiere. They met up with Keith and Nicole last night for dinner (see pics above of Nic on the streets of Paris and then heading out for the dinner). I have to say I don't mind Nic's hair up in a bun like that. Now that she's in her 40s, it certainly makes her look more respectable. Agree? Just click on the photographs to enlarge.

Here are the dates for other Australia Premieres coming up. Get your bags packed if you wish to attend any of these events:
  • Spain - December 3
  • United Kingdom - December 10
  • Germany - December 12
  • Siberia - December 18
  • Iceland - December 20
  • Antartica - December 25 (Cast members from HAPPY FEET will be special guests at this premiere. Don't miss out on seeing this 'snow-covered red carpet event'. Book your boat now).


Anonymous said...

Does she go to Antartica regularly. Isn't that the perfect place for Granny "Freeze". Her skin would never move down there!!!

Choice said...

That's cheeky, but a good point.

maclen said...

Yeah, checked out photos of the Paris premiere over at GettyImages...


..immediately you can see why this film bombed at the box office... 30 photos of kidman alone or with the orb...only about 3 of jackman...maybe 2 or 3 of local French celebs. It does seem pretty lackluster... and they could have dressed up the place beyond that bland biege background...

TexasCourtJester said...

So much for Keith being in the studio trying to finish the new album by year's end. With her heavy travel schedule for premiers, and his mandatory attendance to bump foreheads on red carpets, there will be no time for his career until next year. Great way to convince "the people formerly known as KU fans" that they want to shell out big bucks to see you in concert at stadium shows next year. It's December and the "International" tour dates for Feb, March, and April still haven't been announced so it's probably been canceled because Nic is too busy to let Keith the baby sitter off to leave and go tour / promote his career. Good going Nic, killing two careers instead of just your own.

On to the next flop. Nic had a dance and vocal coach in her home preparing her for her role in Nine mere days after Sunday was born. She put in all these long days rehearsing in London then left to promote Australia before filming on Nine began. With premiers thru December does that mean it will be January before she returns to film Nine? If she doesn't film until Jan WHY was she spending time away from her newborn to prepare for a role she wouldn't film for six months? Was there a good reason or just more Kidman craziness?