Monday, December 1, 2008

Paris: Lifestyles of the rich, old, wrinkle free and famous

Taking time out from publicity for Australia ? Is it getting tiring having to stand there smiling for all the Paparazzi? Well then, let's head to Paris for some shopping, eating and strolling around just like all the other rich folk do. I swear, Hugh Jackman takes more breaks than anyone I know. Wasn't it just the other week he was snapped in the ocean somewhere with his son? Here he is above in Paris with his mother and children. Sorry, I mean his wife Deborah. Inset is a picture of Hugh and Debs at the Sydney premiere two weeks ago.

Nicole and entourage just landed in Paris too. Is it just a coincidence, or are the Jackmans and Kidman-Urbans holidaying together before more commitments begin for that film (you know, the one which didn't do so well at the US box office on the weekend just gone). When USA doesn't come to the party, the only option is to try and flog it in Europe. A suggestion is to walk around the streets of Paris saying 'crikey mate' as often as you can. It might just help. Or perhaps 'bonjour maite' in an Aussie accent might work better.
Lifestyles of the rich, old, somewhat talented and wrinkle free, continue ....

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Anonymous said...

Do these celebs really know what a hard day at work is? Overpaid in movies, then every spare moment spent in one country or the next. Let me guess, in Paris they can walk around without any pressure because the French supposedly have taste in good movies.

I'm so over Nicole ... how about everyone else?