Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Poms want better advertising!

More criticism has occurred in recent days of Nicole (and to an extent Hugh), following continued poor box office takings for Australia. Not only is Nicole now being labelled "Queen of flops" but also "no movie star". These new labels, along with the existing "box office botox poison", have had Fox Marketing scratching their heads. Nicole or Hugh are not the draw cards they assumed to entice people to part with their ticket-money. The posters of them kissing away aren't working!

Ahead of the film beginning in British cinemas, Fox have considered these labels and read many of the less favourable reviews. They've realised the one ingredient in the film that is working - the little boy, Nullah (played by Brandon Walters). Nullah seems to be the one that people love in the movie. Fox have admitted that promoting the movie as a Nicole Kidman/Hugh Jackman film was probably not such a good idea, but I guess you have to suck it and see, right?

Recent Scottish and English reviews have been scathing. One in particular criticised Nicole left, right and centre referring to her as a bad choice for a lead role. You may recall other words used like "Nicole is like a lost porcelain doll on screen".

Fox are considering publishing full page Australia adverts in British papers with Nullah as the key photo. Whether Nicole or Hugh will appear in a tiny photo at the bottom is anyone's guess. Perhaps a really, really tiny photo.

Fox have no choice but to try alternative marketing considering the poor overall box office figures. For example, Australia only made $7 million in its second week in the US! There is also the issue with the $40 million tourism campaign funded by Tourism Australia which hasn't been a great success either. But that's another story!


maclen said...

Yeah, Choice, I would have thought that the "super genius' at 20th century fox could of had that one figured out already...kidman in a "blockbuster, $100+ mil epic...not to mention a 2hr 45 min marathon...what about bewitched...stepford...Invasion...golden compass made them think that this movie was going to sell because of kidman's non existant "selling power? And how many more big budgeted, high profile...over hyped and over inflated pics are they going to try and sell with kidman at the helm? Based on their history...I's say, pathetically true..many...

Anonymous said...

Trust me, 'the Poms' as you call us don't want better advertising, but would just prefer to swiftly skip this annual Nicole Kidman flop with her dreadfully hammy acting, and enjoy our own home grown Mr Bond instead.
Mrs. Mills