Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Connor, here's taxi money, off you go"

You may recall Will Smith offered Connor Cruise a small role in his new film Seven Pounds. Connor appeared at the LA premiere this week with Will, but there was no sign of Mother Nicole, or Father Tom to lend a supporting hand.  

Which of the following reasons is right? 
  1. Nicole has been down in the dumps following repeated beatings over her role in Australia.  She has since retreated to her Nashville home to recover.  
  2. Nicole would rather spend time with her biological child, Sunday.  
  3. Tom is too busy making another looney video for the Church of Scientology.
  4. Tom would rather spend time with his biological daughter, Suri.
  5. Connor is too embarrassed to be seen with Nicole or Tom, and would rather go alone.
I think it is No. 5, what about you? Whatever the reason, does the world really need another rich kid getting an easy ride to a movie career? 


hoosierlady said...

#5 has it, yes, you're right, Choice.

Nicole's Silicone Boobs said...

It's got to be No 5. Connor is at that age where it is not cool to be seen with your parents. Especially freaky looking parents like Granny and Midget.

Anonymous said...

Those kids are probably had to sign deals too when they joined the Cruise household. Act like you want to be here, do as you are told ... bla.