Saturday, December 13, 2008

Now I'm cold!

Fresh from the London premiere of 'Australia', Nicole found some time yesterday to go for a run around Hyde Park with her bodyguard. Is that the same bodyguard who beat up the photographer?

Interesting how she puts on a coat when out running, but won't wear one when she needs it most. Silly me, it's the temperamental weather of London! Hot one day, freezing the next. Who can blame her?


Anonymous said...

She looks so funny when she runs! It's good that a granny can run like that, most of them would be in wheel chairs.

Her bodyguard looks puffed, like he can hardly keep up with her. He needs to lose some weight, more than her.

not anon said...

That's not the pap beating bodyguard she used in LA. Interesting that she bailed on the Berlin premiere yet she's out running in the morning. If she needed to be on set, you'd think they could have delayed her filming for just one day.