Thursday, December 4, 2008

From Spain to Rome, next stop Siberia

Following work and play in Paris, the world's sexiest man and his on-screen girlfriend moved on to Spain, then Rome for the premieres of Australia. Wonder what was Nic was saying to make Hugh laugh at the Spain premiere? "Oh Hugh, I've finally met someone who is taller than me, but that doesn't give you permission to look down my top!"
Do you think these European countries are getting a subtitled version or are expected to understand the Australian accent and words like 'crikey', 'bonza' and 'howzat'. A bit much to ask a person to read subtitles for three hours, let alone put up with a lack of koalas or wombats in the film. However, the Europeans don't have to see it, if they don't want to. They can join the others who have opted to see something else.

Let's hope Australia fares a little better in these regions than it has done in the USA. If not, there are still the Sibera and Antartica premieres coming up which might generate some interest.


Anonymous said...

Hugh and Nicole definitely flirt with each other at these premieres. Don't like that dress she wore in Spain - GROSS!

Anonymous said...

Where was Keith at the Spain premiere? Did he get tired of the flirting going on between these two. Or was he out the back enjoying the apple cider?

Anonymous said...

Nicole's never one to miss a trick and now that Hugh Jackman's got voted 'sexiest man alive', she can't help but suck up to him. Shameless really, when you think that she has a husband who she also uses for PR purposes.