Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

It's all a charade
2011 is here!  Happy New Year to all our readers. We're off to a good start with the latest Poll indicating a strong interest for NKJ to continue. We were actually considering throwing in the towel if Kidman was able to turn her career completely around. Just considering, that's all (out of respect LOL).

Of course the career turn-around, if it does occur, has many obstacles to go through. Kidman gained some nominations for her new film RABBIT HOLE. NKJ has seen the film, and thought it was quite good, but not brilliant. The usual distractions remain in place for any Kidman film since 2004, so it will be interesting to see how the once-freckled, once-frizzy haired lady from Down Under fares with the upcoming Awards season (including the 'all important' Oscars).

It is worth mentioning that RABBIT HOLE has only opened in limited theatres in the USA. That could mean that cinemas are not convinced the movie's theme will resonate with the public over the festive season. It may pick up momentum in coming weeks, we will see. It is yet to open in other countries.

Stay with us as the early months unfold. Will Kidman finally save her career? Will 2011 provide as much fun and entertainment from the Kurban Camp to keep our Blog readers happy? We sure hope so. Let us know if there are things you want to see on this Blog.


Laura said...

happy new year CHOICE.
Love the Blog, hope it stays. Don't let her new found joy deter you from doing the Blog. It's all bullshit and fake shit as you have always said.

Ex Fan said...

The movie stinks, we saw it today. It was filmed back in early 2009 when she was heavily pumping up her lips. There are moments when her forehead moves which is good, but on the whole her face is hard to watch throughout. Oh how I miss the old Nicole. How could she stuff up her face like that? The lips were totally offputting throughout this rabbit hole movie. Parts of it were good, but the really good acting came from Dianne Wiest, and Aaron Echkart. Kidman was playing Kidman.

Camille said...

Saw 'Rabbit Hole' yesterday. Kidman is fantastic in it. She's back to her old self. Her face is wrinkled and you can see all the emotions roiling across it. No wonder she's getting rave reviews and award nominations for this performance, she's truly great in it.

mikki said...

Choice, these awards are all a political game and even the oscar has become a joke to many. Rabbit Hole is a Pulitzer Prize winning play and yet the film itself is getting no awards attention. Neither are the co-stars Wiest and Echkart who many have said do an excellent job in the film. You pointed out that Rotten Tomatoes was giving NK favorable reviews. Well, Rupert Murdoch owns Rotten Tomatoes. Just saying.... NK does need nominations and awards to raise her profile and get back in the game. But its no guarantee that it will turn her career around. As we're seeing, with all the favorable reviews, no film offers have come her way. (Or she would make sure we knew about it). Other than the HBO film for TV, the only other film shes talking about doing is The Danish Girl - which she would have to produce herself. It would take more than another oscar to get her career back. Shes ruined her face, shes old by Hollywood standards, and she has never been a box office draw. She can chase all the awards she wants but it won't change anything. Shes not going to turn things around. Thats not to say that she'll disappear from the scene. But gone are the days of an A-list leading lady.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year - Oh dear, this blog must be run by Scientologists and Tom Cruise fans.

Choice said...

Mikki - it is indeed interesting that Murdoch owns Rotten Tomatoes. There is the odd bad review of Rabbit Hole on that site. I have a feeling that more will surface. As you pointed out, it has received no awards for screenplay, or supporting actors.

A good way to see if a film holds up is to watch it twice. A second showing can almost always show the flaws. If it worth watching a third time, then the film really has something to offer.

Camille, glad you enjoyed the film. I assume the ugly big lips were not a distraction to you.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody else see the fallacy of your Rotten Tomatoes "conspiracy"? It doesn't matter who owns Rotten Tomatoes, the important critics reviews are complied from different sources...critics who write for many different publications. It's value is its convenience. A one stop shop for most of the mainstream critics. Get over yourselves. Nicole Kidman is good in Rabbit Hole.

Choice, you are wrong again. Teller and Eckhart have gotten awards (not nominations) for their work in Rabbit Hole already. But please don't let that stop you from your analysis when Vincent Cassel, Ben Mendelson, and Mark Ruffalo don't get Oscar nominations either.

I can see this year won't be any different for this blog.

Choice said...

ANON 4:56.
Thank you for your continued visits. We are referring to the Golden Globe and SAG nominations of which Aaron or Diane did not receive nominations. See the lists below. Perhaps you are referring to your own awards in your own mind. We accept your apology.,,20451080,00.html

Anonymous said...

Choice, do your homework. Here's a festivals. The information is online plain as day. You can try and intimidate the posters who disagree with you with digs but it won't work. Nothing I've posted is in my imagination.

Again I ask -- why does it matter that Eckhart and Teller are not nominated when other actors who are also in female-centric films are also ignored? Last year Kidman on NKJ was a has-been so now that the Oscars and Globes are coming Kidman bought every single good review and nomination, and made sure her co-stars were snubbed! Of course that's what happened! Not!

Choice said...

ANON 7:02pm
The original post refers to the major awards ie. Golden Globe, SAG and Oscars. This Blog agrees that Aaron and Diane were good in their roles, there is no doubt about that. We have also agreed that the film is good. However, we can see the limitations with Kidman's performance, hindered by surgical enhancements. The owners of NKJ are entitled to their opinions. Just like you are entitled to read them, or ignore. Obviously you are President of Camp Kidman, and will attack anyone with a different point of view. Please remember, we are focussing here on the major awards. You may be interested to know that Rabbit Hole has been ignored for screenplay. Not a good sign. Got a point of view on that?

Ex Fan said...

The film will collapse at the box office because she can't pull a crowd. Everyone knows that her time is up. Why do you think she has to make her own movies now. No-one wants her.

mikki said...

Right anonymous, everything in LaLa Land is on the up and up. Maybe you need to do some research on Murdoch's media empire and his history with NK before you cry "conspiracy".

Ex-Fan said it best. She has never been a box office draw. She can chase all the awards she wants, but it won't change anything. Shes not likeable or accessable and audiences have never been able to relate to her. Changing her hair color and showing her wrinkles for one decent performance in a single film isn't going to change the opinion of the general public. Her time has come and gone. She will never get back where she was - awards or not.