Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Womb for Rent

LEFT: With Tom and their adopted kids
RIGHT: With Keith and Sunday Rose
INSET: Faith Margaret, perhaps?
Nicole Kidman's thoughts:
"Damn, I missed out on BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards. The media are losing interest in me fast! Quick, better announce the baby news to keep them interested. I cannot be ignored over some young thing called Natalie."

No surprise for us to see the Kurbans pull this baby news out of their hat today. Such perfect timing, eh! Sunday Rose now has a baby sister thanks to a surrogate whose womb they rented out for nine months in 2010. Using Nicole's eggs and Keith's swimmers, a baby called Faith Margaret entered the world just after Christmas. This explains their sudden departure from Australia just before Christmas. Had to get home to hand over the cheque.

Do you think this is the same surrogate that 'helped out' for Sunday?  Nah, let's not be mean. Kidman definitely carried that one. She told us so, and we believe her. Congratulations to all involved.


maclen said...

Yes, Choice, this is all so recognizingly predictable isnt it? The kid is born in late Dec...but the news isnt announced till mid Jan in the heat of awards season. The kid is concieved last March...3 months after the film Nine is a huge flop and it's official her career is done. Now, her last gasp of "critical' attention is clearly fizzling with no wins in the first awards shows...and today it is announced she DIDNT get a BAFTA nod...I doubt if this is going to help much...in fact...I now predict Elton John's announcement that he has a son will overshadow this tired hasbeen's rather lame PR gimmick.


I have to agree with your post. Something is odd about all this. And what a time to announce. Straight after she missed out on a GG. She cannot stand to lose media attention. Makes no sense why the stupid cow didn't tell this news in early January. Why the secret until now.

I live in South Australia. Frankly I am sick and tired of seeing this woman in the papers every bloddy week for something. Last week it as was the botox admission, now this.

Famewhore - yes. Sexy - no!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 2:10pm. She is constantly in the press in Australia even though no-one seems to like her. The women here can't stand her. She must own the media outlets!

hoosierlady said...

Who owns your media?

Up here, on Fox News when she does something, (and I am always surprised they do not cover her toenail clippings) she is covered because that network is owned by Ruppert Maddock.

I just wonder when they will do it again-third times charm for a mini me for KU.

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about tired of seeing her face. Her face never changes and it's like where's waldo, it kinda flows through events looking static, never seemed to be involved with anything around her. It's really weird and many people have caught on, she never grows with time. The looks she strives for are those she had over a decade ago and with tons of crap into and onto her face trying to look what she did that long ago...that's what's odd and weird looking and just not attractive, lady. It's when she speaks another blog site had written you do a double take because the mannequin moves. Okay, I don't believe her egg was used. She didn't coneive Sundry, and she didn't contribute to procreating Faith. She just couldn't repeat the drama act with shrinking tummy and bizarre growth that got tinier as it neared birth, and go through that excruciating exercise, the need to be captured doing odd things that she apparently believes that public would believe in her pregnancy--heard of reverse psychology? THAT's how stupid this celebrity is!

Anonymous said...

On Anon 6:22 pm, no kidding she doesn't grow with time. ON her latest outfit at Golden Globes (from Lainey): "...I feel like I’ve seen this look from her so many times before. Ivory, form fitting, and, frankly, when it comes to Granny Freeze and a one shoulder..." Now look at her RH poster, that pose where a guy supposed to wrap himself around her while she moans with her head tilting, etc...hey we saw that in Eyes Wide Shot...she can't think anymore? Why won't her people tell her such things...others have memories and brains yaknow! So her obsession with what she looked like in '90's, well, this celebrity just doesn't move on people!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get that photo of Faith Margaret from?

Anonymous said...

I was watching her on OPRAH DOwn under special last night and felt that Kidman came across as quite nervous, and low self esteem. Is this because she knows how many Aussies hate her guts. I am surprised tomatoes weren't thrown at her.
I dont get why Oprah likes her. Is Oprah a dumb fat idiot?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the poster and RH don't make sense...this is NOT Eyes Wide Shut or sexual exploration of a couple (hell, never figured out that movie either)and a middle-aged broad sexuality or the lack of, whatever, suppose to excite moviegoers to see this crap? Poor Eckhart, he's reduced to and marketed as an idiot in this poster!

Laura said...

The thing is, she has brought this baby news up straight after she lost the golden globes. This is another publicity stunt for her to stay relevant. Kids of star parents always suffer, let's see how Faith and Sunday turn out.

sickitten said...

Forget about her perfect timing publicity stunt. I just skimmed the CNN article (top story there now) & I'm outraged that this LIAR, like Kelly Preston is perpetuating the myth that doctors would use an egg from a woman over 40 years old. They don't. You won't find one fertility specialist who would take the risk. She's giving false hope to women thinking they can wait that long. There's also another doozy where Nicole claims her grandmother had her last child at 49. We all know people lied bout adoption back in the day. This uneducated bimbo thinks the public can't see through her lies. Disgusting!

Here's another liar giving women false hope~

2 retarded children. 2!


Black Lily said...

ce frumoasa i-i poza:)