Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nicole 'admits' what we all knew: Botox

LEFT: Nicole's heavily botoxed face in recent years
RIGHT: Nicole now, after quitting the Botox
Nicole Kidman has apparently revealed something that might shock you. Wait for it ... she has used Botox! Some people may argue that she still uses the rat poison. 

In her own words, the reason she stopped using it is: "I didn't like how my face looked afterward. Now I don't use it anymore — and I can move my forehead again."

There is speculation that this announcement by Kidman never occurred, since its source is a German magazine. You would think Kidman would save this news for a more reliable source. Nevertheless, it has generated interest around the world, so we'll have our fun with it too. Kind of smells of Oscar campaign sabotage too by another camp. Just saying.

If indeed true, all we need now is Nicole to 'admit' to the other procedures she has had done e.g. inflated lips, enhanced boobs, cheek implants, hairpieces etc.  Nobody believed her in 2007 when she told Marie Claire magazine that she was completely natural. In her own words back then:
"I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don't smoke. I take care of myself."


Laura said...

Highly unlikely that Nicole would admit this at all. It's not the sort of thing she would say since she is the biggest liar on this planet.

I think you could be right: sabotage campaign to poke fun at her.

I will add that I saw a photo of her just recently and looked like she was still using the shit.

hoosierlady said...

Do you think her chances are good enough to rate a sabotage campaign? The film was doing so poorly recently I saw a trailer that suggested to us it was ok to laugh during Rabbit Hole. The point the trailer was making was that there were comedic moments in the film. Not "laugh through your tears" or "laughter brings healing" or even "laughing is the best medicine" just that there were funny moments in the film. Seemed as though it was a pretty pathetic attempt to me.

Just a thought. She has been nominated already, but I do not think she has a prayer. I am not laughing.

Anonymous said...

Her use of botox really hurt her career. She got slammed by the critics for it when Australia came out. Since she started this promotional campaign for Rabbit Hole she has made so many faces during interviews to prove her face moves. If this were a sabotage campaign, her publicist would have made a statement denying she said it.

I think this statement that she "tried it" but no longer uses it and the other article out today about how much she enjoys doing nude scenes on screen is directed at the producers and directors. She may be getting good reviews, but we're not seeing any film offers coming her way.

And by the way, she "tried" botox for a number of YEARS. Who is she kidding. Think her days of stripping for parts is over too. Shes too old.

Choice said...

I'm not sure. Some film studio might be thinking she could scrap in and collect a second Oscar. Just reading all the comments on a news website, many people continue to see her as laughing stock because of the botox jokes. Just saying, but a film studio might be wanting to raise attention about the botox to reduce her chances.

I'm aware that the film is doing poorly at the US box office but that hasn't stopped films in the past. Also, most reviews of the film are very positive. Let's just say her performance was good, but the real star was the young guy who she befriends. The guy who killed her son.

Choice said...

Yeah, I loved the way she said "she tried it". She used it for years, not just a short period. Stevie Nicks has gone on record of saying botox nearly ruined her own career. She felt paralysed in the face.

Mimosa said...

IMHO...cocaine nearly ruined Stevie Nicks' career. she's been putting stuff into her body for over 30 years.....
Granny Kidman can't unring the cosmetic procedures bell. She has messed with her face too much, and now she looks odd. The camera picks up on that, and there's nothing she can do to correct it. Botox is not the only thing she's used, and her cosmetic surgery hasn't been limited to just her face either.
Granny was never a really great beauty, and she has not aged well. It's too bad she couldn't just move on with her life and enjoy her family like she claims she wants to do. Nothing is stopping her, except for her need for fame and attention.

Anonymous said...

Kidman is a fame-whore, nothing more nothing less. She told us years back she would retire when Sunday Roast was born. Bullshit! She so desperately wants to be in the media, she'll say or do anything to keep her name current.

Like your blog said ages ago, the baby was a PR baby, but didnt bring the media blitz she expected.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Laura, 8:04 PM. The quote does not even sound like her saying she doesn't like using it, stopped using it and now able to move her forehead again -- get real. Someone had put words in her mouth. What's with her and young male characters on screen (who really knows what goes on off screen)? This is an odd recurring pattern. It seems to me most mainstream actors especially need to be aware of reputation stay away from the kinky and werid -- coming out of the closet is still not openly embraced for some people. In addition to all other peculiarities about this celebrity, she embraces the bizaar. Her preference and choices of movies she picked even in her heyday were odd (birth, fur, human stain, going to be in works danish girl, etc. etc.)she's just weird, really weird...almost makes one believe in the rumor...that she IS a tranny AND a hermy

Anonymous said...

Her BAFTA pictures posted at JJ look like she had cheek're right Mimosa no matter what she does the camera does not lie she looks AGED, thinly veiled troubled facial facade from years of botched work done to it and does not look 43 at all...(in truthful non spiteful comment here)in fact looks beyond 50, right there with M Pfiffer, S Stone and the likes. Her face looks barely put together and odd because there are no wrinkles in spite of clearly aged facial mask. It's painful to look and perceive the struggle it went through to look for that occasion. She's so weird, just so weird.

Anonymous said...

One more. Hey someone here had mentioned about her odd head shape as silhouetted or in plain view in some scenes from rabbit hole involving the laundry room. Her BAFTA shots sitting down at a table with KU show that clearly. What she has is a peanut head.

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