Friday, December 17, 2010

Should this Blog end in light of Kidman's recent rave reviews?

Kidman and Eckhart in a scene from 'Rabbit Hole'.
INSET: With Director John Michael Cameron
Rabbit Hole opens in cinemas in limited release in US today. Other countries will follow shortly. Nicole's performance as a grieving mother has earned her Golden Globe and SAG nominations this week. Such nominations are considered very good chances to earning an Oscar nomination.

Nicole has obviously taken on board many of the criticisms about her acting and immobile face, and worked hard to deliver a performance that many are raving about. If she is able to win an Oscar, we will seriously consider discontinuing this Blog. Why? In respect of her being able to turn her career around when we honestly thought she wouldn't. We criticised her endlessly and announced that her career was well and truly dead.

This Blog attracts many readers, and we appreciate that. You are welcome to vote on a new Poll on whether Nicole Kidman's Journey should continue or not. A firm decision will be made in the new year based on feedback (and how Nicole fares in all of these upcoming awards).  Thank you.


Anonymous said...

regardless of whether she wins the Oscar, the woman is still a fake and a phoney and that is something your blog should keep its focus on.

She spends her whole life acting! Please dont think she is turning her life around. This is but one performance after 8 years of flops. She is a real fake.

Nicole said...

This Blog sucks, so I urge you get rid of it. You've been mean to me.
Cheers, Nicole Kidman

LindaMarie said...

Absolutely not! A few good reviews and the woman is all that and a bag of chips! She still is a phony two-faced liar. She may be getting a few nods this time, but that marriage is as phony as she is. Keep it going! We have the arrangement to pick on.

blue sky said...

Choice, I always say, "Don't put the cart before the horse!" This movie hasn't been released yet. I have yet to see a movie trailer on TV. It will be interesting to see what the box office ratings will be after the first weekend. Keep in mind the hype with her other movies. She's getting all these nominations before the movie hits the theater! Odd.

Whether she is good in this movie or not isn't the issue. The issue is the life of lies she is living, and that's what needs to be discussed.

For example, five more days until Isabella moves in with her mom - who is holding their breath on that one?

Mimosa said...

Nicole always plays the same basic character in every dramatic movie she's in. It's just that this same performance fits in some scripts better than others depending on how much tweaking she is required to do. This is the case with RH. She's really just plugging in her "victim" character here and mixing it with her natural cold bitch attitude. Critics are praising her because she has a new PR team who have spread the cash love. I don't believe for one minute that Old Nic suddenly found talent. What she found was a better script and a fresh PR team.

mikki said...

Choice, why would you want to end your blog now? Do you really think this is NK's come-back?

She has spent two years (since the critics ran her out of town for Australia) trying to revive her career. She swapped the botox for a face lift, she went back to the red hair from the 90's, shes trying to soften her image with the "wife and mother" role. Shes hired a new manager. Its endless what she has done to try to get her career back. But the reality is, she only had the small part in Nine and Rabbit Hole which she had to do through her own production company in 09'. And the small part in Just Go with It and Trespass in 2010. And as it stands, next year she only has the HBO film and a play. So don't give up just as its getting interesting. Lets see if these nominations or any wins will make any difference. Other nominees are getting scripts, is NK?

Choice said...

Thanks for your comments so far. Do any of you intend seeing the film when it comes out? If no, are you slightly curious to see what the critics are going on about?

Mikki - what is the HBO film? Is that the Hernest Hemingway film, or the Danish Girl. Must be alot of problems with Danish Girl as it has been on the cards for years.

LindaMarie said...

I have no intention on seeing this film unless I happen to be flipping the channels for something to peruse when it comes on television. I can't stand the way she talks so actually paying for this movie is out of the question.

mikki said...

Yes Choice its the Hemingway film - a TV movie. And the only other films she is talking about doing are coming from her own production company (Danish Girl, etc).

She is ambitious and calculating and doing all she can to revive her career. But so far, no scripts are coming her way or we would know about it.

Awards shows are a political game and she knows how to play. How many brilliant actors/actresses have been passed up over the years? What does that tell you?

Choice said...

Totally agree that the Awards are a political game. It is about who has money and who has the better PR campaign. There have been countless good reviews of her performance in RH, yet according to Rotten Tomatoes, there are a few less favourable (as you would expect to get the balance right).

I wonder, despite all the rave reviews, if the cinema going public are forgiving. Australia was an awful film, but not all her fault entirely. FUR was really bad, and her acting in that was cringeworthy. Always prepared to see if people can redeem themselves though. Only that way can this Blog try and be fair where it is warranted. If RH is outstanding and her performance is brilliant,then I will be the first to admit it.

As some of you have said, there are other facets to her life which will never change and continue to provide much laughter to us all.

mikki said...

Choice, Rabbit Hole was a prize winning play and yet has gotten no nominations. Her co-stars were said to be as good as she was in the film, again no nominations. This is all about NK trying to revive her career. She thinks awards will do it for her. So we'll see if Hollywood or OZ is interested or if any scripts with leading roles come her way. She has a lot to overcome. A string of flops, all the procedures shes had done to her face, her age (shes old by Hollywood standards) and the fact that she has never been able to open a movie. Awards helped her in the past - which is why she always went after them. But she won't get the same results now. Her time has come and gone. She can hang on to the fame. She can always find a way to make films. But shes done as a leading lady in Hollywood. Its not about forgiveness Choice. She was never that great. She came out of the Cruise marriage with the title of "International moviestar". She did NOT have a body of work to support that. Nor did she have a huge fan base. She still doesn't. Her PR machine has kept her career going - hype and exposure, not her talent.

Don't know how it is in OZ, but here her PR has been on the decline since Australia. Shes fading. No more magazine covers. No more tabloid stories. We're aware of her PR but the general public has little interest in her. Without the film roles and the jet set lifestyle, shes boring. A few good reviews, awards nominations or even winning for one low budget film (backed with her own money) won't change anything.

Choice said...

Mikki - do you mean Rabbit Hole screenplay has received no nominations.Yeah thought that was odd, and it is interesting that only Kidman got nominated.

She's not on any magazine covers down under anymore either. She does not resonate with Aussie females here at all.

It will be interesting to see how it all unfolds, and if this does indeed turn her career around as critics are stating. I agree with all your points.

Dawn said...

I guess if the point of your site was to shout that the emperor had no clothes (call Kidman out about her lies and her disingenuous nature), then I say: keep it going. If you hoped to see her revive her career and in the meantime amuse those of us who also find her fake, then, if she and the movie do well, I imagine you'd stop.

I just found your blog, so I know I'd miss seeing a fellow Nicole-buster taking the piss out of her, but I'd understand if that's what you did.

In the meantime, I'll add that it's hard for me to imagine anyone playing this role but Cynthia Nixon who was AMAZING in the show in NY. I was heartbroken when I heard they cast Nicole. I guess Cynthia Nixon - no matter how popular after the Sex and the City show/movies - isn't enough of a name to sell such a movie. And I'm amazed that John Cameron Mitchell (a New York actor/director/playwright) was convinced to use Nicole. I've always loved him and appreciated his talent (Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Fabulous! Shortbus? Intriguing.), but this makes me wonder if he's sold out.

So it goes.

blue sky said...

I have no intentions of going to the movie. In the trailer I have seen, she is hard to watch because she has no control of her face - she over-acts. Because of that, I have to completely disagree with those that think she is so great compared to her co-stars. I think it is the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not going to see a depressing movie over the Christmas holidays. I'd rather see the new Focker movie.

The only thing entertaining about Nicold is her straining to move her face.

maclen said...

Surely Choice...(try saying that three times fast)...receiving an "Oscar" is not even the end all of it's own industry's consensus! In that you will ALWAYS find many who disagree with the ultimate choice. Clearly you believe as most of the commenters on your blog that kidman's WAS NOT the best female performance of 2002 for which she received the oscar. I seem to recall you yourself believe that julianne moore deserved the oscar that year, is that right? So clearly, kidman getting an Oscar 7 years ago DID NOT ensure that she would NOT be in a string of financial flops...and surely, even getting an oscar this year WILL NOT ensure that she will suddenly be recieving offers for $17 mil blockbusters again. So simply, I wouldnt think you should "tailor" your own thoughts and opinions on her based on what "others" say she is! I spent years detailing how she was really NOT a blockbuster A- list star...when others were claiming it...and I most assurdly believe that I WAS RIGHT...looking at her career today. One last gasp at the shallow game of "awards monopoly" does not a career maketh! So... in closing, to quote Shakespeare...

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!"

Choice said...

Dawn - alot would be considered before the Blog discontinued, but it is good to take stock at this point to see the relevance of the blog with readers.

Maclen - yes indeed, I truly believed Julianne Moore should have got the Oscar in 2002. Following that, we had 8 years of flops from Kidman. She seems to have taken criticisms on board based on a working copy I have seen of Rabbit Hole. If she is able to snag Golden Globe, SNAG and Oscar awards I would rate that as someone who is slowly turning her career back around. Yes these campaigns are political indeed, but the film is gaining amazing reviews - Rotten Tomatoes has many itself. I just wanted put it out there whether we should or shouldn't take all this into consideration. This Blog still finds many aspects of her life fake and ridiculous, but in regards to the 'career is dead' issue, it will be interesting to see if she really does turn this around. Joan Crawford was able to turn her box office poison around. If anything, it all raises some new discussion.

As always, appreciate your comments, Maclen. have a good christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you're always criticising her career. What about your career? You're a blogger. If you had any writing/ journalistic talent you would write for a respected publication. But instead you sprout hate on a website with no credibility.

Your career vs Nicole's? She's the winner methinks. Go get a hobby and take up golf or something lmao.

Choice said...

Anon 10:31:
Go on make me laugh! Your criticising me for producing this Blog yet you are happy to read it. Why don't you go get a hobby instead of reading blogs you can't stand. Makes no sense at all. Your time not precious?

Anonymous said...

Hey Choice- I'm here because I am really looking forward to seeing Rabbit Hole (I loved the play when I saw it) and was googling it and your site popped up. I think Nicole's done as many good movies as complete stinkers, but as someone who works in publishing I also thinks it takes a lot of guts to put things with real emotion and meaning out into the world. A lot more guts than just bagging people out. I respect people who take that plunge and therefore put themselves up for the fall too. I mean no hard feelings- have a good one.
Amanda (anon previously).

LQ said...

Hope this blog stays. Kidman's career is stuffed for good. No oscar will change that. You should know that Oscars have also killed careers.

Choice said...

This Blog is not just about dishing out on Kidman. It does pay credit when credit is due. Rabbit Hole (which I have seen a working copy of) is just one part of her life. We look at her UNICEF ambassador work, her photo opps, her family life ... the works. She bullshits alot, her interviews are cringeworthy. The Blog is also designed to show people what crap people in the public eye will put out there. If you read the comments here, you will see alot of people feel she is a fake on many levels.

If Rabbit Hole wins her awards, good on her. If she turns her career around, good on her. No-one could be nasty about that. Hope you enjoy the film

mikki said...

Dawn, just to clarify, Kidman (like many actors/actresses) started her own Production Company, Blossom Films. She acquired the rights to Rabbit Hole which is the reason SHE had the female lead in the film. John Cameron Mitchell was hired as the director. Kidman was not his choice to make.

The up-coming films she is said to be starring in - The Danish Girl, the Eighth Wonder, How to Marry a Millionaire, the Dusty Springfield movie The Look of Love,etc. are all from Blossom Films. Kidman is not getting any film offers from Hollywood. The small parts in Nine and Just Go With It and the part in Trespass are the only offers shes had since 2008. Which begs the question - if all these great reviews of her performance in Rabbit Hole are legimate, then why no film offers? Because you know if there were any her PR machine would be telling the world!! Especially now when shes campaigning for awards.

Choice said...

Mikki - I think I can answer your question. She is getting no film offers because of her current box office poison status. It will be interesting to see if film offers start coming in IF she wins any awards. Rabbit Hole is making people curious. Even people who cant stand her may be intrigued to see what all the critics are saying. IMO her performance was convincing, but there were three distractions. Can you guess what they might be?

mikki said...

Choice, I don't think the interest is in NK. Rabbit Hole is a Pulitzer prize winning film. I think the interest is in the story itself.

Don't know what distracts you, but for me shes always NK. Never the character shes playing. Shes limited as an actress and I agree with all who say that what she has done to her face is a complete distraction.

And by the way Choice, I believe Joan Crawford was declared box office poison, not for her performances, but because she fell off the top ten list (in popularity) at the time. Very different from being slammed by the critics for a wooden performance and a plastic face!

Urban Myths said...

Choice, your blog is about SO much more than one film that might produce an award for her. The Journey isn't over if she does receive critical acclaim for one film in another role where it appears she plays herself.

Please stay and continue the journey with us.


Anonymous said...


whatchasayy said...

Heard another spur of the moment bull crap out of her mouth the other day on Extra (US tabloid show), about her daughter not wanting anything for Xmas but says raisins and pretzels...even assuming her wanting those food items to be true, it's that association with not wanting anything for Xmas (if true) that reeks hogwash again. A two year old saying it's okay don't want anything for Christmas, just give me raisins and pretzels--how sophisticated! Yes here's yet another example of WHY THIS Blog Site must exist. The contributors here don't tolerate this kind of crap out of his moron actress perpetually. Don't be fooled by her PR, for those of you seen the HOurs,and the build up which led her to award, aint' gonna work this time. Her latest movie still crap IS slightly better than all her previous movies of a decade because she could apparently move her face more -- just goes to show how totally awful her past movies had been, and that's all. She over-reacts to move her face. GIVEMEABREAK, TOTALLY NOT OSCAR WORTHY.

Anonymous said...

I have seen RABBIT HOLE and think her performance is not demanding at all. In fact she wasn't even outstanding. We tried hard to give her the benefit of the doubt, but her face and lips were a big turn off through out the movie. Do not understand the positive reviews she is getting. Please tell me what the hell else she has done to her face.

Mimosa said...

Granny Kidman is lying through her buck teeth about Sunday. She has no idea how a toddler behaves because she's never spent much time around her children. She makes stuff up that sound right to her, but anyone who has ever raised a child knows better. A two or three year old would NEVER make that association. And since Sunday spent Christmas getting over her jet probably wasn't the best day for her. Too bad her selfish parents didn't consider that.
I have read a couple of reviews that are pretty critical of Rabbit Hole. I don't think it's quite the success she hoped it would be. Her ruined face seems to be a distraction, and it hurts her performance. Plus...people just do not want to pay money to become depressed.
Granny is in full PR mode, promoting the happy family photo ops and pimping Keefy's rehab to try and pull out another Oscar. I don't think it's working, though.

Choice said...

Mimosa & Watchasay
Filming began on Rabbit Hole way back in late 2008 when she was really getting into getting her lips pumped up. There are scenes where she has wrinkles in her forehead but rumour has it she gave up the botox during filming to come across more believable.
It's very nice to hear positive msgs from you guys regarding the Blog, and hoping it will stay. The Poll results are very pleasing at this point.