Thursday, January 27, 2011

Australia Day: Time for a dance, Nicole?

Nicole, although you are not a true Australian (born in Hawaii), we know you like to think of yourself as an Aussie when it suits you. So along with our Prime Minister, Miss Julia Gillard, we want to see you do the "Moving Forward" dance - just like the rest of us.

Nicole, hope you had a great Australia Day yesterday. Did you put some shrimps on the barbeque in Nashville? Did you have Vegemite on your toast for breakfast? Getting that Oscar nomination was pretty groovy. Well done, sweetie!  We are all proud of you, and while we will try to watch you on the the big night, it's unlikely since it clashes with our favourite TV show.


Anonymous said...

I think I saw Nicole dancing in one of those scenes.

Anonymous said...

Not one of your finest journalistic attempts. Woefully unfunny and pointless in fact. But I guess this is your blog and you can post any old crap on it, and frequently do.