Friday, December 3, 2010

Rabbit Hole Premiere: New York

LEFT: With Shorty   RIGHT: With co-stars from "Rabbit Hole"
It's been a big week for Nicole and Keith. Appearing on Oprah the other day, and The Rabbit Hole premiere in New York last night.  Nicole is still being tipped for a second Oscar despite the botox jokes still going full force. Some reviewers claim it is the first time in ages her face has some movement. Perhaps they watched  different trailers/scenes to us.  Interestingly, our latest Poll results are showing that many people don't think she stands a chance of a second Oscar.

Entertainment Weekly released an article this week titled "The Return of Nicole Kidman's Face" - see details here. Do you believe she took a holiday from botox during filming of Rabbit Hole?


Anonymous said...

Aaron Eckhart in the second photo is very short too - when compared with Nicole and her high heels.

Seen the shorts for Rabbit hole and it looks like she still uses botox. she aint kidding me.

YT said...

She always looks weird to me at these premieres. is she taking uppers?

mikki said...

Choice, the oscars is a political game that NK has played before. Her PR machine is working over-time. As are her new manager and Pr people. Lots of hype, good reviews, etc. But will it bring her an oscar nomination? Remember what happened with Nine. Lots of money/promotion/oscar buzz for that film too and it got nothing.

Anonymous said...

Remember people: If the academy don't like someone, they won't vote for them, even if the performance is good. Kidman is not a favourite. The last time she got one was because people felt sorry for her after Tommy dumped her. Now no-one could care less about that. Anyone would dump her.

Mimosa said...

Her big old fish lips and her bat brow are very distracting in the trailers. I don't think people care to watch. And she doesn't look right with Aaron Eckhart. That's an awful pairing. But really, has there ever been anybody who had chemistry onscreen with Granny?
I also noticed she didn't hang on to her American accent several times in the trailers. She really shouldn't even try because she never pulls it off.
I just can't see this movie going very far. It's not a story that people really want to see.Who needs to be depressed this time of year?
She even dressed like she's going to a funeral for the premier....
Granny just isn't much fun is she Keefy?

Anonymous said...

To be convincing as a grieving mother, she would have to be convincing as a mother.

The one scene I saw (the group therapy session), her face was so Joker-like, it was distracting.

They should have picked a different actress. She's hardly one to rouse feelings of empathy.

blue sky said...

To compare pictures of her now and back at the time when Rabbit Hole was filmed, it is very noticeable that she temporarily stopped any procedures done on her face to emote that of a grieving mother. But now it is back to the very insecure Nicole Kidman who is scared of aging showing on her face. Did she also grow a ton of hair overnight? She has a horrible receding hairline from going bald and now she has Farrah Fawcett hair of the 80's.

Speaking of a convincing mother, in all of the trailers of this film, I don't see a grieving mother. I'm seeing an actress desperate for an Oscar.

Choice said...

Blue Sky - she is not the only one who has a receding hairline. Look at Keith's forehead and watch how the hairpiece hangs long over his face. No man of his age has hair like that.
That is something the Kurbans truly have in common: their hair pieces.

Kidman's long hair is nothing more than extensions. At her age it would look better to go shoulder length.

blue sky said...

I agree with you Choice. Keith also has a major receding hairline. It is kind of ridiculous to grow out the hair like he does and die it as well. It looks pretty bad when he has his hair pulled back with the headset on in the studio.

However, I don't think these two think they are in their 40's. They are forever locked into their teen years. That is obvious with their red carpet behavior!

mikki said...

Thanks Choice. I've believed for some time that Keith wears a hairpiece/wig. No way that is his hair.

Choice said...

Mikki and Blue Sky

There has been renewed interest in some forums about this couple's hair. We've known for some time here about HER fake hair, and the return to red (which is better than the blonde) is obviously bottle red. Keith's brother is practically bald, so you would expect Keith to be the same too. Keith's very big forehead proves that.

We'll do a post shortly on this couple's hairy background