Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Keith's shirtless balcony display for Sydney

TOP 3: Sydney shirtless shots
BOTTOM: Infamous nude shot with guitar from many years ago
Sometimes Mr Kidman scrubs up quite good, especially from a distance. It hides the wrinkles and the years of heavy drinking and boozing.  He definitely looks yummy in the top shot, some definition happening as he works out on their Sydney balcony. BUT ... only a celebrity would wear his hairpiece while working out. Give it up Keith! Shane proudly sports his bald head, we dare you to as well.

As you would expect, Granny Freeze popped in for one of these shots to ensure Keith didn't steal all of the attention.  These fame whores have once again proven that even at their Sydney hideaway, they want attention from the Paps - otherwise they would have replaced the glass screen. Do the Kurbans like attention ... much? You betcha!


Anonymous said...

Kieth used to be a sexy mofo, but he is hiding under lots of 'enhancements', just like that old bag he is married too. How you can say he looks good in top photo is beyond me. Even from a distance. YOU NEED GLASSES OK.

Gemma said...

You failed to mention the 'orange' glow that Keith baby loves to have. His orange spray tan to make him look fit an healthy.

mikki said...

Choice, how does the media feel about NK in OZ? She use to have her PR people call them when she was coming and they photographed her wherever she went in Sydney. Now the majority of her photo ops are staged on the balcony.

No suprise to see the clothes come off. Thats what NK does when shes desparate for attention. So whats the message - look at my "hot" husband who loves ME?

Have to agree with anonymous. To old and to fake to impress anyone.

Choice said...

Mikki - The media here tread carefully with Kidman now after the time she took that guy to court. Also, they have realised what a little princess she thinks she is. She plays the media when it suits her. Like the time she rang the radio station to let everyone know she was in town and to please don't bother them as they have a young child. She was hounded more when married to Tom, but people see her what she really is now. Australians are famous for the tall poppy syndrome. They will cut down their own very quickly. Russell Crowe hinted at this yesterday saying that's why he loves living in Sydney - because Aussies will keep him grounded and he won't get the big Hollywood head. Kidman is too precious to live here because she honestly feels she is better than anyone else. The Paps never bother Crowe, Blanchette, Collette who all live very comfortably in Sydney. Wouldnt be surprised if these three had a good laugh at Kidman.

Kidman rarely is shown in the papers here now, as people down under are not interested in her bullshit. They will read it though if it is having a go at her botox or wig use.