Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Still Call Australia Home (even though I refuse to live there!)

Oprah's skirt was quite Un-Australian.
Perhaps next time ask Nicole if you can borrow one of her see-through gowns.

"Hey guys, my skirt is not that funny, is it?
I had a lot of curtain material left over, you see"
The Kurbans joined Oprah and other Aussie stars on stage yesterday to sing the Peter Allen classic "I Still Call Australia Home". It's all part of Oprah's Down Under Specials filmed at the Sydney Opera House. Russell Crowe was the only Aussie on stage who actually lives here (so he probably didn't really need to sing it).

Olivia Neutron-Bomb, Hugh Jackman and the Kurbans are all famous for raving about our wonderful country, but prefer to live in America ... for work reasons, of course. Ex-patriots want the best of both worlds when it suits them.

Love Olivia, but looks like she borrowed some of Nicole's Botox supply. Just saying.


Anonymous said...

olivia looks like she has had alot of work done in the past few years. not the natural person she wants everyone to believe. saw the full video for this group singing this song, and thought nicole seemed nervous. was that because people were booooing at her?

Laura said...

Oprah's skirt is pretty bad, got to agree with you there. Not much a fat woman like her can do, but wear tents to try and hide it.

I think Nicole has probably thrown out all her see thru dresses now after the media circus.

Anonymous said...

Yes anon @ 9:07pm, Olivia is about as 'natural' and as patriotic as Nicole is. Hasn't Olivia resided in Malibu for the past couple of decades?. She also has one very screwed up daughter which is a testament to the superb parenting choices she's made over the years. No, Olivia is not sweet, natural down-to-earth Aussie she pretends to be. She and Nicole have a lot in common.

Choice said...

Anon 11:55AM
Olivia has mostly resided in Malibu except when she moved back to Australia in 1991 for 2 years to recover from her breast cancer. She was still married to Matt Lattanzi then. I believe Matt stayed on here for awhile after she decided to move back to Malibu.

I too have heard that Olivia is not as sweet as pie as depicted. Similar to Nicole, wanted a child desperately, but wasn't prepared to ease off on the career at all., End result, kid has problems. Hopefully Chloe will continue to make progress after her long battle with anorexia. Wonder how Sundae will turn out having a Mum who has decided to go full steam ahead with movies again. Didn't Nicole tell everyone she was going to retire? Shows how much the baby was just a PR thing. Let's not forget how little she spends with her other kids too. Scientology or no scientology, she should be making more fuss to have Conrad and Isabella in her life more.

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