Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nicole saved my life (Keith on Oprah). Throw up time!

TOP: The Kurbans on Oprah Show this week
LEFT: Short dude with tall lass RIGHT: Who is bored listening to Keith's songs at a gig?
Nicole and Keith appeared on Oprah this week (and will also appear on the Oprah Down Under TV Special in a fortnight). As usual, the 'very private' couple opened up about their life together. Keith talked about his demons again and said he never would have kicked his alcohol and cocaine addictions without Nicole.

He said "She really should have walked. I'm just glad she didn't. She made a decision to initiate, ultimately, this intervention and the love that was in that room at that moment was just right."

Keith, here is a question from us: We are all over the eternal gratitude you have towards Nicole. You rave about her in concerts, you sing songs about her. Is this part of your marriage contract - to constantly sing her praises? Just asking ...


Anonymous said...

I've seen Keith interviewed a few times in the past. He interviews poorly and says things he shouldn't. He's not exactly intelligent. Reckon he says what he is told to (BY HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

LindaMarie said...

I have issues with what was said. They are trying to rewrite history and it is nothing but lies. He is told to say what she wants him to say. It is not heartfelt. If he even went to rehab he would know that you may have a Higher Power which most choose as the Lord, not a spouse. He must give himself credit for first acknowledging he had serious problems, and secondly, he needs to give himself credit for going to rehab for himself first and then for others. (I don't believe he even went to BFC and those pictures are not from the grounds, never would have been allowed). If I remember correctly she was not in the country to stage an intervention, she had no clue what her husband was doing, even though she knew he had problems when they married. His band had no clue where he was. Urban has it all wrong.

Anonymous said...

How did she initiate an intervention when she was overseas? Did she use SKYPE? The Kidmans think everyone suffers from Short Term Memory loss.

Mimosa said...

Could Keefus be any more emasculated?
And could KUNK get any more creepy?
If Granny HagMaw loves Little Keefy so much why does she allow him to grovel publically just to sell her next flop? Hmmm?
She doesn't really care about him, but she hired him to do a job, so do it he must. She pimped Suro for Awfulstralia to no avail. So she told Keefy he'd have to drag out rehab and pimp for this one. She actually thinks she could get an Oscar if he pimps out enough.....poor old senile Granny. All that botox has gone to her brain.
People are not impressed with Kunky...they are repelled.